Amazing deal on 4 piece grinder!!! (Amazon)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Jdogtulsa, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Good lookout.
  2. not bad. Love my Sharpstone though. Shit's a beast.
  3. Thanks man I was looking for one for cheap!
  4. Had a wood one that I had bought to last me until I got one like this, but I wasn't even looking for one. They sent it because I bought my mflb on there. Had to share with my blades :) If you do buy it, they say the shipping will be like a month which is crazy, but then the actual company sends you an email saying 1-3 days (for me.) Pretty kick ass deal.
  5. Guys... you always get what you pay for.

    Dull teeth, loose threads, metal flakes, lame screens, poor magnets..

    Trust me. You'll pay for the quality.

  6. Well obviously, but it's perfect mid level grinder for people without a lot of money. Plus it's sturdier than the wooden ones.
  7. It looks good, however there is a lot of mixed reviews for it so im not quite sure what my thoughts are of it. Afterall, i believe in the "you get what you pay for" concept to an extent..
  8. yea emphasis on the metal flakes
  9. Perfect mid level? Since this one isn't even 5 bucks, I'd hate to think what you consider to be cheap low level junk.
  10. Yeah, it's made of high-quality asbestos
  11. When I had mine, the overlapping top piece after like 3 times flaked by a week it was gone I don't recommend this, you can easily get a 15 sharp stone pollen press combo I would recommend that or just support your local headshop.
  12. How do you wash it to avoid shavings? I bought this last night coincidentally lol
  13. You throw it away and buy a new one.

  14. oh baby have had that same exact purple grinder for 4-5 years now. super fuckin sharp teeth still, no shavings ever, great kief collector, really nice quality grinder all around.
  15. ^^^^ it's a classy purple too ^^^^
  16. well i went ahead and cancelled my order due to the talk of metal shavings....but $30-50 on a grinder? u guys srs? lol
  17. Sure its 30, but you can use that grinder forever. It's an investment, just like a pipe. And at least shipping is included too, so its actually 30. Honestly that's a very good price for a Sharpstone as those can sell at $45 retail headshop prices.

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