amazing day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuperFunk#2, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. first i got a quarter of g-13 from my friends dads co-worker
    moked a bong in a lexus goin down a rich ass neiboor hood yellin at people
    moked 3 more bongs and by now i couldn't even look at the bong.
    got to stevens house and smoked another bowl in his apartment.

    Went out to the garages (There seperate from the aprtments) and started rippin the bong again. All of a sudden my friend zak who we were with goes dude a van full of guys just stoped beside our garage and is staring at our garage. he said shut up like 15 times and is givin everyone a buzz kill. Then me and stevan stand up and say fuck em' walk out side and it's a bunch of kids from a soccor game. We walk back and sock the kid in the arm twice for pullen a party foul like that.
    Then we hopped in my friends car in the parking lot and smoked more

    all in all it was a great day for smoking

    and we went swimming like 5 times at our pool

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