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Amazing Bud But Shit Dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iLikeOreos69, May 18, 2013.

  1. I don't know what I should do.  This guy has like the best shit around but he sometimes tries to rip you off and then you have to go through a bunch of shit just for your weed.  What should I do keep buying from him or what?  Like he has the best

  2. you have to decide if its worth it to you. me personally i wouldn't put up with someone trying to rip me off for even the most dank bud in the world. But thats just me
  3. See if I was in your situation, I would just put up with the dealer and keep buying the bud because it's good. After all, you're spending more time with the bud than the dealer. If he's trying to "rip you off" so often that you can't even afford it, then you might just want to save up some more money before going back to him or find a new one if they're common in your area. I wouldn't be able to do that because there are barely any dealers in my area, so I'm sticking with the one I got. And remember that he might not trying to be rip you off, but prices are just inconvenient to him to sell it for more reasonable prices on your end. Hope this helped.
  4. Dude I know what you mean. I used to have one guy who had the BEST bud around, but it was always a hassle to get it. It was always worth it when I got home though, that's for sure. If I were you I'd keep buying from him until he gives you a reason not to.
  5. yea bro awesome shit isnt worth losing money...(i.m.o)
  6. Stick with the dealer, deal with his bullshit. No brainer for me
  7. it depends on how much shit you have to go through to get it, a little detail would be nice.  Anyways,  If i were you i'd just put up with the bullshit, especially if good bud is hard to find in your area.
  8. Yeah it depends on what you are having to put up with really.

    Personally I would keep with him, better that than not having any at all.

    That said, start shopping around and see what else you can dig up in the mean time.
  9. Buy in bulk (or more than you're currently buying). Start looking around for other dealers. Always have like 2-3 people you can connect with cause chances are one of them will be available with bud.
  10. Confront him tell him to join it up to the proper amount don't be disrespectful when your doing it but tell him it's short
  11. Personally I'd find a good dealer, some will give you sweet deals if you buy off them for awhile, least some in my area anyway xp
  12. Try different dealers. Even if you keep buying from him, try to test the waters with different people, and if they turn out to have some good bud, and are easy to buy from, problem solved. Always keep your options open man.
  13. To add on to that, if you buy from a dealer once and it wasn't that great of bud, maybe it was just a single bad pickup when they normally get dank. I would buy from people at least twice before saying no more.
  14. i would def drop him. im sure theres better out there.
  15. Exactly. I never judge a dealer for having 1 bad pickup. I always wait a bit, and then if they are consistently bad, then I stop going to them.
  16. you should always find a dealer you have a good relationship w. It pays off in the longrun

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