Amazing Bobcat climbs Cactus to escape the mountain lion

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Mr. Mojorising, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. How tall is that? It looks huge
  3. smart bobcat!!
  4. survival of the fittest.

    gotta do wut u gotta do.
  5. Upon reaching the top and looking down, it's thoughts were "god damn it.."

    That's a long fall/jump even for a bobcat.
  6. Thats amazing! Nature never fails to amaze me
  7. kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!
  8. It is. They grow to be around 35-65 feet tall.
  9. the question is not "how did it get up there?", but rather " how the FUCK will it get down???"
  10. I think I would have waited around for it to come down and captured that on film as well. Then I would be contacting National Geographic and getting paid!

    I have seen cats run straight down trees before, they jump before they get all the way to the ground and land on there feet. Not sure if this is possible with all those cactus spines, that cat must have some thick skin.
  11. That's one determined bobcat.
  12. hahah thats sick bro.. good find :smoke:
  13. that is so fucking impressive. what a badass cat

    i would be getting chased by the mountain lion, see the cactus an be like... theres no way im climbing that, just eat me

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