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  1. First time grower long time smoker lol
    i germenated 2 seeds and planted them in soil and then kinda chickened out on the whole grow thing so i just put the two cups outside and wanted to see what happened and sure enough not much case its kinda cold and rainy. but one did sprout through the thing looked sick all brown and velly small so i figured i started its life ill try to finish is so i bit the bullet and make a grow box and after only 2 and a half hours it is all green and small leaves (i will post pics soon) im so happy but with some questions
    i already know some about the lights i.e the 18-6 veg period and the 12-12 flower but what about water?
    1. when should i start to water my new little one? how much?
    2. when should i transplant to the bigger pot?

    thank you so much im soo happy :)
  2. You should start to water it as soon as it becomes a little sproutling. As for how much water, well you want to keep the soil moist but do not over water it. Put your finger down in the dirt and if its dry, water it. If not leave it alone for a day or two.

    Transplant it into a bigger pot when it gets to be about 2 weeks old or about 5 inches tall, but it can depend on the size of cup you started out with. I would put it in a 4 gallon pot.
  3. alright so when i take the pics ill test the soil few
  4. i told you i would get you the pics
  5. lol bump i just noticed the old shell still in the pic can you see it?
  6. Nice. I wouldn't let it get too big before you transplant it. What is the soil type, looks kind of odd and really dry; I would water that thing.

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