Amature Farley aka amature speedball

Discussion in 'General' started by Ars moriendi, May 20, 2006.

  1. Has anyone here (neglect I'm looking in your direction dude lol) taken 240+ mg of codeine no asprin/ap/caffeine/ect with .5 to a gram of coke orally followed by some toking and vaporizing?

    I've never IV'ed a drug period be it willingly or in a hospital setting so I can't compare the two but this mixture which is similar to a speedball IV mix of coke and morphine/heroin taken orally is extremely pleasureable

    I've since tried it once wake 'n bake style and tried to keep a mental log of this time so here goes...

    1 toke 1g j
    2 vaporize .7 give or take with some kief on top
    3 down bitter codeine water chased with sprite
    4 down coca-cola in shotglass mixed with .5 of its namesake
    5 vapped a .3 of herb mixed with .2 of ground damiana leaf
    5 felt my pupils go pinsize popped tylenol 3's and mixed another coca .5 shot
    6 went out to chill and smoke a bowl

    the second I got in I was hit with more pleasure then one can imagine and upon watching some family guy simposons mix giggling wasn't something I could control nor did I want to control it

    the night was pretty much a blur of pleasure rushes food munching and all around bliss I slept about 9 hours and woke refreshed with no ill codeine or cola effects
  2. fun fun... sounds dank.
  3. I always love a good drug binge.
  4. Sounds better then my mushroom binge. Last week I had shrooms every night. Now i'm having trouble distinguishing what is real and what I am imagining.

  5. that sounds like one of my binges... but instead of various opiates and such i just take bonghits, vaporizers, bowlhits, roll a spliff, then a blunt, take some hash pin hits, rinse and repeat.

    I love that you have the 'hangover free' combinations for everything, Ars.
  6. no i havent, ive taken a teenth of jake mixed with a teenth of hayro in three quick rails.

    fucking nuts night.

    edit, you should probably call it amature belushi, since farley emulated everything belushi did, from his comedy to the way he died.

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