amateurs need to stop hating on Cali Connection / Swerve...heres why

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    i am just sooooo completely sick of signing in to sites and all you hear is a bunch of clearly uneducated amateaur growers complaining that the 5 or 10 seeds they grew (and usually marginally at that) didnt produce a specimen worthy of winning a worldwide competion like the magazines show...
    ATTENTION ALL AMATEUR GROWERS :  It takes more than a couple of seeds to find a single plant worthy of becoming an elite representation of a strain
    Seeds are like people, and everyone will grow differently and turn out differently...some plants will be thin, lanky, taste bad, be weak potency.etc...and some will be robust, frost monsters, smell like heaven, etc...and everything inbetween.
    you have to start with a large number of seeds and then select your special one based on what you are looking for. You may get lucky and find a good keeper in every pack, but to get a truly elite plant takes a bigger group to select the single best.....and the more you use to pick from the better and better your 1 single best plant will be..
    ex. a guy picking his #1 out of 100 or even 200 plants will most likely get a better top shelf level keeper than the guy who only got to pick from 10 plants.
    That being said, after growing seeds from many different companies, i by far have gotten the best tasting and most potent plants that impress everyone who has tried them are from.......drum roll.......The Cali Connection...honorable mentions to RareDankness and DNA/Res. and GGG. They all have fire genetics, but when i ask people to rate the jars...guess who wins almost every time?...ole' Swerve and his crew.
    Also - you should always always always grow a plant 2-3 times minimum to check for problems with genetics, PM, other probs etc before you ever try to clone up a whole room for larger grows.
    It is just a fact of life that sometimes MJ genetic combinations shows hermaphoditism , that coul dhave been dormant over several generations of seed, and now are expressing.....and these need to be killed off and checked on a full flowered grow...if you have never taken the plants that far you have no idea what will/could happen in flowering stages and will ruin your whole crop...and that is nobodys fault but yours. know what your doing before you try to blame anyone else...its not the breeder's fault you flowered a whole room full of unknow plants and got seedy results.
    Swerve     - im with ya man..dont even waste time on these amateurs...these idiots just dont get it
    For all of you flamers that wanna hate on swerve and think you know it all...hes where he is and has what he has...... and you are where you over.... Win to Swerve and the Cali Connection
    P.S.  gifted some 818headband that has me real real happy right now...awesome flavor Swerve..keep it also pretty psyched about the alien lines coming out.
    Big E in the Medical Mitten

  2. you mad bro
  3. I have a GSC seed from CC that im planting this summer
  4.   ...You're just growing a fucking plant.
       Fuck this elitism bullshit hahaha
  5. is that the dude who crossed autoflower into some of his gear by accident or something?
    i remember hearing about that a while back.. i think it was swerve but could be mistaken.
  6. i have never had a bad batch from him, nor anybody i personally know has either
    He offers some of the best genetics available anywhere...tahoe, sfv..chem3/4/d...... i have grown out tons of seeds from diff co.'s and his always turn out the best.
    just to be clear  have no affiliation with them at all....i just have become a supporter of theirs after years of results
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  7. spoken like a true Rez Dawg fan..... :poke: ( you want me to list his "sins" AW? Cuz I'll start with Gypsies new living arrangements...)
    yeah, Swerve had some beans go auto...... a release showed some autos 4 years 5 were reported.
    most breeders on the west coast, parcel out the work to others.. the grower working on Tahoe OG supposedly had an auto in the same area... only problem with this.... whats a male AF doing all by its lonesome ?  my best educated guess from obtainable info is that the AF hermied ( big surprise there..). and sicne the mom and dad were never at risk ( after all the genetics in them is set)
    replacements were sent out.. everyone, except one A hole on RIU was happy at end of day.
    that one asshole though ..made a good dozen threads on RIU.
    you know how the scene works AW....
    IMPO on CC.. good gear, unfortunate, like any breeder specializing in a certain strain .. all of his works tend to look a lot alike..aka OG Kush.
     CC strains grown;
    Pre Bubba 99
    Buddha Tahoe
    Tahoe OG
    Corleone kush
    Headband 818( currently keeping a mother of )
    OSD ( bred with Rez dawgs for my own F1s.. just FTR)
    Chem 4
    Deadhead OG
    Julius Caesar
    and Cali Dreaming ( L.E.R. pre86 GHS SSH x SFV OGK)
    only time Ive had issues was with the Pre 98s and those I was trying new germ method on .. my own fault for not using personal breeding stock for the experiment IMO.
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    thanks CL
    i was just having this conversation with 2 of my best buds last night , about how the work is done with multiple people as testers as a group to see what can be expected from rooms with slightly different enviornments.
    i have run the headband, tahoe, buddah tahoe, deadhead, larry, blue dream, chem and the newer GSC....unfortunatly the blue dream wasnt to my particular liking although many enjoyed it....
    the best i had was a tie with the tahoe og  and last run of GSC tested at 24.1% at a lab in Ann Arbor Mi., i will say that this pheno doesnt have a minty finish at all, but it is def. top grade nug.
    also the GSC was much heartier and less stretchy than the og family structure,,larger rounded nugs, more indica leaning pheno of the cookies
  9. ^^ you posted on Swerves forums ?^^
    like GGG that's the place to start IME
    good luck
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    i think gypsy is a complete douche.. not sure what that has to do with swerve.
    i actually did not remember who it was that did the auto thing.. i knew it was someone from CC
    but breeding autos into your gear is pretty amateurish to say the least... maybe 5 were reported, but how many people didn't report or grew them not realizing what the issue was.
    it's unacceptable imo..
    as far as rez.. he's been out of the game for a few years now and is pretty much a non factor these days. I'm a fan of anyone who puts out solid genetics.. and there are many out there. I'm not loyal to any particular one of them.
    to take a clone only strain and put that name on it and then release something with a million phenos isn't good breeding and representation of the clone only strain you're tying to replicate.
    so now you'll have GSC being sold in clubs with the GSC name attached that is nothing like the GSC clone.
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    okay, my point went right over your head it looks liek AW.
    show me a perfect breeder.. just one. 
    they do not exist. its genetics August..there is no guarantee.
    what blows me away is Swerve finds a mistake, publicly acknowledges it ..then makes it right is considered a poor breeder in your book, but yet RD gets poped with 2Kilos of seeds for Gypsy at LaGuardia turns states evidence that helps get Gypsy busted ( who we agree is a POS) is okay ?
     you know if there were hundreds of Pre-Bubba in disos( only real way to gauge this as street dealers will say anything IME), I might agree, but Bubba is still hard to score, and you know when you smoke it..period. same will go for GSC IMO. guess we'll see huh ?
    EDIT: how much Cali Con have you grown AW? I know when we got into it about Rez.. I at least bought a pack. and on the OSD they were half a dozen of one and 6 of the other in respect to potency and growth..only atypical was the Male i used from rez.......
    beautiful trich covered male.. shot lots of blanks.. go figure :smoking: there is always a trade off.
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    there are no perfect breeders.. never suggested there were.
    i'm just replying to the guy who calls anyone amateurs who disagrees with his man crush..
    meanwhile the dude pulled a pretty amateur move by pollinating his gear with autoflower.
    i just think that if you are going to put the clone only name on a strain, then it should represent the clone every time.. or at least most of the time.
    the dude in the OP is suggesting 1 out of 100 or 200? that's crazy dude LOL
    i haven't grown any CC gear.. i'm not a fan of the OG's and that's pretty much what he has to offer. And half of his gear is feminized, which isn't my cup of tea either.
    I'm sure his gear is fine.. i see good results from journals but to say that those who might complain about his gear are amateurs is ridiculous..
    this thread is nothing but a cry for tester seeds from the breeder.. i think that's pretty obvious.
    why do you keep bringing up rez? I'm not that huge of a fanboy but i will say that his sour d and chem lines are spot on as far as clone representation goes. But i've only run a few of his lines (all SD and chem or crosses).. i run gear from a lot of different breeders, not just rez.
    anyway.. you're my buddy i don't wanna fight with you.. this is more about the OP's desperate attempt at becoming a tester and calling people amateurs because they  expect GSC to be GSC when they run 5 or 10 seeds? I dopn't think that's a lot to ask when you're paying top dollar for a clone only strain from seed.
    I ran Mr Nice Black widow recently.. 5 seeds. my 3 females were all great representations of that strain.. i did not need to run 200 of them to find a Widow pheno LOL
    all i'm trying to say is:
    you can't create a clone only strain from seed, use the exact strain name on your label and then call me an amateur when i buy a 10 pack for upwards of $100 because i expect at least a few of them to represent what you claim the strain to be. If that's the case then call it something else.. put your own name on it and call it a day.
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    ahh it went over my head... lols :cry: :laughing:
    yes it is ironic.  agreed 110% :devious:
    but I can assure you that the transgressions purported by swerve, pale in comparison to the bullshit pulled by other breeders GHS, HSO, WSO, G13, Dinafem just to name a few. double that for the "clone only" breeds. how in the fuck do British, Danish & Spanish breeders can get a hold of a club cut quicker then an American breeder down the street from the Dispo it was originally sold?  ohh they don't, they just cross the same lines and say "here it is". dont forget GHS Bubba Kush with the strawberries in the ad? it is still nothing more then BubbleGum X Kings Kush BTW.
    Arjans got some balls on him, I'll give him that....
    whats funny is I've been offered GSC fem beans from forum growers more times then I got fingers( yes I wear sandals only so I can count to 20 ;)).. which in my opinion tells me more about the quality of the genes ( from all GSC breeders) then anything else.
    P.S. I didn't get the whole "Tester Angle", but a reread makes it pretty obvious.
    good thing I told him about the breeders( CC & GGG) forums then huh ? what blows me away is he ( OP) hasn't grown TGA, and Subs pretty liberal about testers....
    PSS/EDIT ( err whatever....)
    ohh and the reason I bring up Rez Dawg with you , is this isnt your first bash of CC( all be it very slight .. so maybe I'm showing fanboyism..) while you yourself grow Chem lines from Rez. and since they both got their breeding stock from the same source. I feel it more then fair to use as comparison.
    just saying, my man. not a dig. shit this back and forth between us handed me my most potent male ever( and a few thousand OSD F2s) I'm good.
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    i hear ya brother..
    yeah they all have baggage for sure... and it sucks trying to figure out who to trust and not to trust.
    making your own seeds is obviously the way to go these days with so many strains on the market.
    and yeah GHS LOL.. they have chemdog listed as sour d x og kush.
    ran 2 of his lines in the last.. the church and ultra haze #1 both were weak imo..
    anyway.. much love as always dude, didn't mean to start shit. I just don't like being called an amateur because i expect some sort of representation in a 10 pack of seeds for $100++ lol..
    i'll try some CC gear one of these days.. right now i'm nervous as fuck to use any of the seedbanks between gypsy getting popped and attitude getting stuff seized, i'll just stick with the clones and what's in the fridge.
  15. you didn't start shit, not in my opinion at least. we just saw the OP in different that I see it in yours .. I can't un-see it :eek: . so I guess we know the truth now huh ? :metal: TY.
    yeah I quit dropping seed orders about a year ago, but more on account of getting close to 2 gallon bags full of breeder packs (I went a little over board I think  :smoking:  ... I blame childhood trauma.. or something ;) ) then current geo-polti. situations...
    which BTW, considering those who get their orders post a "thumbs up" like once or twice..but those who lose orders to a neighbors/vacant house address or demand their own shipping "specialized" methods make a few dozen posts bitching. and since the old seed houses ( Nirvanashop, Sannies, MJ-Seeds.Nl) are still rocking out orders with no issues.... I'm not too sure how bad it ( seed orders) really is.
    but I'm not laying down a bill and a half to find out either.... so there's that. :confused_2:
  16. man i forgot about sannies..
    that's some great gear. sergio grew that herijuana and it was piney stinky golf balls lol. so dank and dense.
    and fuck man.. nothing wrong with hoarding a bunch of breeder seeds, i wish i did more. ya never know when someone is gonna retire or get popped or whatever I think i have like 10 packs of various stuff in the fridge... wish i bought more of Head's gear when it was available :(
    and yeah good point.. negative to positive feedback in any business is like 10:1 or something crazy.
    have a good weekend man :)
  17. Do you even grow bro? Sent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. i will never touch cali again... after that 818.... no way.. even free seeds... waste of my time and effort... seeds i can buy but time is something i will never get back...
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    what a useful and informative post.
    care to elaborate ?
    EDIT: FTR, I've been growing 818 for over a year now. so please do elaborate. as I've had no issues at all.
    DOUBLE EDIT ( WTF is that :confused_2:  ??): well one issue .. I've got a patient who is friggin hooked, so even if I wanted to swap in another strain..I cant remove this one.
    i bought a pack of cali 6 fem seeds for $120, when i flowered them 2 where full blown males. they replaced the pack even though i it wasnt there fault (gtaseedbank). gave me a pack of GSC.
    i did there GSC, outdoor and it was such a crappy yield and the plant was 4 ft high 2 ft wide. the flavor and look was nothing like in the description of cali conn.
    did there blackwater, no complains with that.
    tried there "green crack", and it was shit. nanners all over the place. didnt even want to pluck it and kept going. (tga jtr was in the same room and no nanners.

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