Amateur smoker here. Need first bong advice

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  1. Hey guys, so I just started smoking to help symptoms of stress and anxiety about 3 months ago. My first piece was a cheap gas station sherlock bubbler that was great until I had to ditch it because the cops rolled up on me. (I'm from Florida so weed is still 100% illegal). I now own a spoon pipe, but I don't like the harshness of the hits and small size of the bowl.

    I've made the decision of buying a bong, but wanted a cheap one. I want a relatively smaller sized bong, maybe 12 inches max and priced no more than $50...

    Whats everyone experience with dhgate? I see some nice bongs on there for cheap, but will I get scammed or get a really shitty product? I understand they're chinese, but are they worth the money at all?
  2. Man if I were you, for your first bong, go to your local tobacconist or head shop (if you have them where you live, USA so I'm guessing you do) and go see the smallest cheapest bong they got, you'll have quit a few to choose from, and they're cheap, my. First bong was 15 euros, and see what you think of it, a bong may not be your taste, and if it is, best to start with a small cheap one because if you're irresponsible and break it, you can buy 10 small cheap glass bongs for the price of one expensive, that's my opinion anyway

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    EDIT: As for the ones from A china and B the Internet, I would say no, it's not worth the risk, and you don't know what awful chemicals could be lurking in that glass, good luck son!
  3. I'd suggest your local head shop first too, just to see what's going on there. No idea where you live so that may be a shitty option, who knows? Here there's all kinds of locally made glass for under $50. There? Maybe not. To answer your question though OP, I have ordered bongs from DHGate and I've enjoyed everyone I've gotten. If you live in a bad place for local glass, chances are the bongs your local head shops sell for $100+ come from them buying on DHGate for $20-40. Cut out the middle man and just buy from DHGate.
  4. Local headshop like everyone else says. You will definitely find a bong you are looking for.
  5. ^totally not a spammer
  6. Just do some research online as to what type of bong you want because there are so many different choices. Depending on how many Peres it has, normally those that are larger or with more Percs are going to be more expensive. You should be able to buy one with an ice catcher at a head shop for around 60-70 bucks. That's as cheap as I would go anyway
  7. *i meant to spell Percs

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