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Amateur night at strip club...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smoke_circleX, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. So I've been tossing around the idea of stripping for an amateur night. I'm sure the tips would be cool, but I'm kind of in it for the thrill of it. I'm not looking to make it a profession, but I've taken some pole aerobics classes and loved it.
    Anyone done an amateur night, known anyone that has?

    Questions, comments, suggestions, wisecracks?
  2. if you are a girl we need pics to answer

    if you are a guy ...dagth
  3. go for it.
    sounds like you have the needed confidence
  4. Yeah, that's what I figure. I mean skin is just skin and I've been lucky enough to have a pretty nice body.
  5. id tip & tap.
    also pay parking tickets.
  6. do it.
  7. do it and have someone video tape it ;)

    then if your good you can start making some dough
  8. Song suggestions?
    Stage name suggestions?
  9. go for it. i would throw more than a few dollars to ya!;)
  10. honestly strip clubs are pretty fucking degrading,
  11. Hah,

    The only time a girl (my gf) stripped for me was for my b-day. I asked her to play "More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi in the King's Harem Mix)" by Rob Zombie.

    Never have I gotten a stiffy so quickly.
  12. Not any more degrading or depressing than the shit I see at work on the daily.
    I've had stripper friends with mixed reviews of the clubs they worked at. There are a few super shady ones around here, but I've gotten good word of mouth about some of them.
    Seriously, if a guy or girl wants to give me some money for twirling my sweet ass around a stage, so be it. It's when you take it the extra step that's when girls start losing their self respect. I mean seriously, I wouldn't fuck someone in the back of a club. That's just bad form.
  13. well lets see

    you are a very pretty girl
    and do indeed have a rockin body

    if you are doing it more for the thrill
    and not the moola
    than why not just take some pics and PM 'em to me?;)
  14. I have seen some pretty sleazy shit go down at the rippers here. not anything against the actual strippers, just the shit they put up with to make a couple loonies.
  15. Shiet, if I was a chick, I'd been strippin by now. Easy money.

    Why not do it, like bum said, if it's something you want to do just to see how it will be like, then just do it. You only live once.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. lol
    TBH ive never even been to a strip club tho
    never really appealed to me
    pay a shit ton of money to get teased?
    fuck that
    ill pay 5$ for a cup at a party, and walk out with pussy/respectable girl(depending on who i meet)

    plus i hate fake tits
    and thats prolly a majority at a joint like that
  18. I'm finding that a lot of guys don't favor strip clubs. I'll be totally honest in the fact that I love them. Maybe because I don't have to tip nearly as much to get the strippers attention nor do I walk out with blue balls.
    I'm not a fan of fake tits either, but the majority of girls at the last club I went to a lot of them had some nice natural ones. I think those are a nice commodity that's in short supply in the industry. Thus my excitement at wanting to hop on the pole. No pun intended.

    ... or did I?

  19. i got a pole you can hop on:D

    no, really


    size of tits isnt what appeals me to them
    its the shape and the look of them
    and the shape of most fake tits is gross

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