[Amateur FIRST JOURNEY] - a single Blueberry LED 300w

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    This is my first time grow MJ.
    Strain: Blueberry Seedsman
    Tent: 2x2x4
    Veg 21 days from seed
    Medium : 1 gallon 50% light soil, 30% Perlite, 20% Vermiculite
    Water: tap water pH'ed 7, watering every 2-3 days
    Light: CLF 55W, 6 inchs distance, 18/6
    Switch to Mars Hydro LED 300
    Temp/Hum: 82-90°F(28-32°C)/60-80%
    This is my first grow, Can you give me advice?
    Best regards !!!
    18.JPG 19.JPG 20.JPG
  2. its probably your light, either that or over watered
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  3. The same has happened to me on my blueberry and I find it's because of heat stress. After moving from my 300w to 600w the leaves yellowed badly in a matter of a day.[​IMG]

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  4. My blueberry is having the same heat stress issues after switching from 300 watt LED too 600
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  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Watering 1/2 gram fertilizer (N 11%, P2O53%, K2O5 2.5%, B, Cu, Zn) in 1/4 gallon tap water.
    I am going to setup led mars hydro 300 soon. Should i top the plant right away or on another day ?
  6. It looks like you've got a large pot and the soil is damp, you can probably not water it for 5-7 days,
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  7. I will record that
  8. OP I doubt you are overwatering... if you were your leaves would be droopy. I would however recommend dropping the ph down to 6.2... and when hanging the LED go ahead and start off at 22" away or so and go from there.

    OP with your ph so high there is a good chance your plant isn't absorbing everything correctly. So when you change the ph to 6.2 or so it could very well darken up and start taking off.

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  9. Thanks for advice!
    I am going to water 6.2 ph'ed when the soil is dry out. I hanged the light 22 inches above plant. Could i top her now ?

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  10. Watering 4 days ago, i checked first knuckle is still moisture. I will water on tomorrow or later.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  11. Just watered 1,5 lit tap water 6.0 pH'ed, run off water was 6.7. Waiting for her respond tomorrow.
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    Upper leaves begin to turn yellow :(
  13. Looks fine to me... but it's under purple so I can't see it well but new growth can come out looking yellowish just give it a day or two and then look.

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  14. What light soil are you using? I'm growing 2 Blueberry's from the Seedsman. You could put the lights pretty close to the canopy the 300-600 they say
    Seedlings 24-30 inches
    Veg 18-24
    Bloom 12-18 from canopy.
    The Cfl needs to be closer as They don't get great light penetration so 3 inches would be better as your only making your Grow tent hotter at 6 inches away. I'm not sure what lite soil your using but it should say on the back of the bag how many weeks it should feed off the soil.

    Your light is way to far from canopy! How many inches from tops of plant? It looks like about 3 feet or more from canopy that's to far away. 18-24 inches will be much better IMO! That maybe your problem with the yellowing.
    Good Luck

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  15. 26 days from seed

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Light distance 22 inches (55 cm) from top plant
    I topped her before when the light go out.
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    IMG_6897.JPG IMG_6894.JPG
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    - 28 days from seed
    - 2 days after topped her.
    - Watered once, every 4 days

    IMG_6943 (1).JPG
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  18. Th
    Dont look over watered , mine did that also except i have master kush , and i gave them a flush with filtered water with correct PH levels with about 20% run off and they're looking mint and the yellow leaves are turning back green , you should be able to find , my post .. see if u may be able to help me lol

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