AMARE BAR 6 in 5 x 5 Multi Strain Grow

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  1. Hi Hybridway,

    Glad to see you drop in! Post away no issue here. I have to admit I am a biased AMARE fan. Just did my second grow and I am still am blown away on the performance of the BAR 6. Have to be conscious of the UV and intensity. Had a couple of the Ladies go purple. Plus some tacoing Just dialed back the light and all was well. They also finished earlier than expected by a good week. I normally go a minimum of 10 weeks and I had to pull two of them just past week 7. Here are a few pics.
    ATT00001 (1).jpg ATT00001.jpg ATT00001 (2).jpg
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    It is rated IP-65-67 that's why it works fine. All Horticultural lights are desighn to get a Lil wet to allotta wet. Sure, there are plenty out there (even quite popular ones) that cannot even be around certain gasses nm water, foliar or preventative. But the new DLC requirements will be changing all that. Should have went into place on the 1st.
    I think it's amazing that it works fine after the pics of the box. Yessir, we picked a good one!
  3. Thanks! Was a definite learning experience. Just finishing my second grow with the BAR 6. Looks like it will be another successful grow. I had minimum purpling this round. I cranked up the potash and doubled the cal/mg. Still need to get that scrog net setup.
  4. Hey Everyone,
    Just finished up my 2nd grow and an still learning a lot with the BAR 6. We netted 1.8lbs. I found that I need to crank up the cal/ mg due to the extreme growth rate. The BAR 6 spectrum really super charges the photosynthesis process. I really pushed the nutrient strengths last grow. The third round will be in 5 gal plastic pots. In 100 % coco using Cyco nutes and a few additives. Ihave used fabric pots for a few years and thought I would give them a try. One of the downsides of fabric pots is that they dry out faster.
    Hope everyone is staying safe. Keep it Green

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