AMARE BAR 6 in 5 x 5 Multi Strain Grow

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  1. Welcome Neef,
    Once I went LED I never turned back. I did break out my original HPS Unit and fired it up to see if it still worked. LED's have really improved a lot.My original SS-260 is still working. I now use a SE-450 and the BAR 6. Very impressed with the coverage.A bonus is that you can dial the light down when you are in there tending the ladies. You can really screw your eyes up and even damage them if you spend to much time under bright light. I have turned them up to 80% and will go another 10% in a week or so.The 6 also has a nice array of UV Decided to run it the whole flowering cycle. Gad you pulled up a chair.

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  2. Gotta love how power efficient these leds are too. Yeah they cost more but never gotta change a bulb. Ive had these old platinum p450s going on 4 years no issues. Glad your light is okay that box looked like shit. Surprised it worked! You got a nice grow going here man. I’m gonna sub up for the show

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  3. Welcome aboard ! Yeah the tech has really evolved from the old burple days of old.
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  4. In the words of Gomer Pyle surprise! surprise! surprise! I took a clone from a plant that had hermied last round thinking it was environmental stress. Well tha wasn't correct. I was gifted a seed from a fellow grower still new in the package. The strain was lemon cake. She smelled real nice. Looked like everything was moving along nicely. I went in to give them a good watering and
    here is what a found... Male flowers under the buds!
    . Bar 6 LC.jpg
    so I shutdown all the fans and ac and carefully bagged it up.
    Bar  6 LC-1.jpg She / He was looking so nice. Another one for the compost pile.... Just hit week 4 turned up the light to "full power"
    Temps have been steady. I put in a replacement Tangerine Cookies which had been basking under the SE-450 in the 4 x 4.
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  5. Oops! Had a major "brain fart" Went to feed the ladies today and was perplexed on why the lights were still on. Come to find out that we had a brief power outage a couple of days ago and I went in to adjust the timers. In my infinite wisdom I turned the timer "ON" I forgot to switch it back. I decided to take the temperature of one of the drivers. I was pretty impressed with the reading I got. I figure the light was on at least for two days. Have my fingers crossed. We just hit week 5. Bar 6 driver Temp.jpg Bar 6 WK 5.jpg
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  6. Do you do training?
  7. Hey Bigdaddy,
    No, not really. I do clean up the bottoms a bit. I bought a trellis net a couple of years ago and never got around to using it. I usually will stake the plant and when branches start to fall over I will yo yo them.
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  8. Ok, that’s what I kind of thought. Thanks for answering. How you liking those lights?
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  9. I have to say I am very impressed with the BAR 6. It has such good coverage and penetration. It is very easy to keep temperatures under control . It's also nice to be able to dial them down when you go into take care of the ladies. In my earlier years (HPS) I wouldn't wear any type of eye protection and it can damage your eyes. Like when you are told in school don't stare into the sun. Now I just turn them down and turn off the UV. It also is very quite being passively cooled. The spectrum is spot on I just past Week 5 and the ladies seemed to be stacking nicely and seem farther along to me. I have never been a "8" and take kind of grower. I seen too many strains where they don't hit their full potential until weeks 10 -12.
  10. Fattening Up! We just hit Week 6 and the ladies are starting to do some serious stacking. Contemplating whether to lower the light. AMARE say I can go as close as 6 inches . I normally run about 18. from the tallest plant. Thought I would take a few photo's
    BAR 6 WK 6-1.jpg BAR 6 WK 6-2.jpg BAR 6 WK 6-3.jpg
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  11. UPDATE!! All is well in the garden, we just passed week 7 . Started their final flush using FloraKleen per bottle instructions. The BAR 6 is performing flawlessly. The distribution of light and penetration into the lower canopy is VERY good. The spectrum
    is spot on .Here are few pics.

    . BAR 6 WK 7-1.jpg BAR 6 WK 7-1.jpg BAR 6 WK 7-2.jpg BAR 6 WK 7-4.jpg

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  12. Killin it! What strain is that in the 3rd pic? Shit looks really good
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  13. Thank You!!
    Here is what's in there.
    FL is Tropical Zittles, LR is LA Sage CBD , RF is The Body ( That is the close up pic). RR is Tangerine Cookies.
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  14. Final Flush!!! On our last week. The ladies are ready to go. We normally flush a good 10 to 14 days starting at week 8 but these ladies are ready to go. The aroma is very enticing, beautiful colors and structure.
    BAR 6 WK 9-1.jpg BAR 6 WK 9-2.jpg BAR 6 WK 9-3.jpg
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  15. Looks awesome ! I been looking at these bar LED’s so freaking much I’m going dizzy, Gavita, progrowtech, growers choice ect ect.. you sound very happy with this one and looks like your getting some nice penetration and light distribution . I may have to look into this light. I’m in a 5x5x6 room I built. How high off the canopy are you setting your lights and are you running full power?~vape

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  16. Hey Vaperman!
    Yes extremely HAPPY! Getting excellent penetration. I normally run my lights about 18 inches from the tallest bud. One of the nice features of this light is that it is hinged together so I can separate them and now have two independent lights if I want. Having a even canopy will result in much better yields. No I am not running at full power when the last set of pictures were taken. I turned them all the way down and shut off the UV when I work in there. AMARE states you can have them as close as 6 inches. That would be a WHOLE lot of light. I normally run at least 9-10 weeks so I can get a good flush and
    maximize yields. These are already done. I highly recommend this light.
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  17. Timber!! Time to chop them down. A not to pleasant surprise . This is what can happen if your environment goes south.
    Took a trip out of town and and we lost power. No fans running humidity spiked... Large dense buds spells Disaster !!
    IMG_20200903_182507929.jpg BUD ROT!!

    Luckily it was limited to just a few colas sadly the main one..
    As for the BAR 6 it has been rock solid.
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  18. HARVESTED! Well we got everything trimmed and hanging. Very impressed with bud size and density. The aromas are fantastic. I ran the UV for the entire flowering period.
    BAR 6 Hrvst.jpg BAR 6 Hrst-1.jpg
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  19. Wrapping it up.
    BAR 6 Final Hrvst.jpg
    We got everything dried and in jars and curing. We yielded 522.9 g's A very good run. Some things are noteworthy and stood out!

    1.Temperature control .This light runs cool and quite.
    2. The spectrum is spot on. UV an added bonus.
    3. Uniformity of the light distribution was excellent.
    4. Having the ability to dim the light down when tending the garden was a big plus. Very useful when starting plants.
    5. The light is light weight and was very easy to hang and adjust.
    6 The frame design allows you to use yo yo's either attaching them to it or between the light bars themselves.
    7. Removable Drivers allowing for remote mounting.
    8. The ability to split the light into two separate units allows for multiple configuration setups.
    This is an EXCELLENT light and AMARE has once again provided a high quality, well built and easy to use product. It is definitely a 5 STAR rating.
    Thank You All for grabbing chair and going along on this journey. Keep it Green

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    Hi Weed Dude! Looks like your happy too. Nice grow bro..
    Hope u don't mind my sharing too.
    Some early pics here. I'll get you some recent ones soon.
    If you remember I was doing a sbs with the Bar-6 vs the HLG, Diablo. 20201024_231131.jpg 20201115_193137.jpg

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