AMARE BAR 6 in 5 x 5 Multi Strain Grow

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    Welcome GC Blades. It's been a long time coming but I managed to squirrel away a few greenbacks and have added a new light to my grow arsenal. The AMARE BAR 6. We are going to be running multiple strains under her in a 5 x 5 tent.

    Lighting : AMARE BAR 6,
    Tent :Gorilla 5 x 5 tent
    Nutrients: CYCO and a few additives,
    Medium: 100% B'Cuzz COCO.
    Strains: GG5, Tropical Zittles, Memosa, LA Sage, My personal Strain "THE BODY"...
    I might toss a few others in.
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    Well after much anticipation the BAR 6 arrived at the door step. The delivery man walks up with a box and says It was laying in a pool of water..Call customer service.... My stomach hurt as I assessed the damage. I looked at the better-half and said did they use it as a raft?


  3. Well I called the delivery company and spoke to the nice customer service lady. She asked for my info and said please hold. After a few minutes he came back and said you are going to have to contact the company that sold you the item... They will have to make a claim said have a nice day and hung up.
  4. Sooo. I shot an e-mail to AMARE (Victor). He responded immediately and said don't worry we will get it taken care of, but the light should be alright it is rated for that. In my mind I am thinking this light is toast. I took pictures as he requested.
  5. Well summing up my courage the unboxing began....
    IMG_20200521_051136635.jpg IMG_20200521_051643454.jpg IMG_20200521_051819513.jpg IMG_20200521_052425978.jpg IMG_20200521_052550256.jpg
  6. I shoot off another e-mail to AMARE. Well it's wet but I am going to let it set out for a day and dry. They assured me again if I didn't see any physical damage it should be OK. If I wasn't comfortable with that they would get me a replacement.
  7. Well after an uneventful day at work. I get home and check things out.
    IMG_20200521_053709857.jpg IMG_20200521_053823394.jpg IMG_20200521_053836498.jpg
    It looked pretty dry. So I decided to plug her in. I noticed there were plenty of the nice necessities included The drivers (two of them) are detachable and have these nice long cables (8ft). This allows you to have the drivers outside of the tent. If you grown in a tent you know height is a premium. The drivers have both a 110V and international receptacle. There are two switches one controls the LED's the other the UV. That's nice to have because when your working under the light you can shut the UV off. There also is a nice "dimming knob" It lets you adjust the light from 10 - 100 %. This allows you to adjust the intensity instead of raising and lowering the light depending on the stage of your plant growth..One of the best features is that you can separate the light and actually have two lights independent of each other.
  8. Goodluck with your grow dude.
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  9. BZAR
    Much appreciate the support. It is going to be a new adventure for me.
  10. Took a small hiatus Much do get ready for the Holiday. I got up the nerve and plugged in the BAR 6. Set the dial at 10 %.
    Flipped the switch.
    ATT00001 (5).jpg ATT00001 (6).jpg
    Looks everything lit right up! Decided to do a 1/2 hour burn in just to be on the safe side.
  11. Glad to see it still works and looking forward to the results.
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  12. Thanks BSL I cant wait to get it setup in the tent.
  13. Return from the land of COVID! Happy 4th EVERYONE!
    The thread is not dead... Had a lot of unusual things going on the past couple of months. We battled a round of powdery mildew and had to take extreme measures to get it out of the grow area.
    We got the BAR 6 mounted in the 5 x 5 tent. Used the included four rope ratchets in each corner. Decided to run with the drivers mounted on top for now so we can test how the temps will be. Very impressed with the coverage. I tossed in four plants of various strains. Here are a couple of pictures. One with the light on its lowest setting and the other with just the UV. Wish I had some of those black light poster that use to hang on my walls back in the day. BAR 6 Installed.jpg BAR 6 UV.jpg
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  14. Ever hear anything back from that company about your box that was used as a raft n shit? I feel you deserve to be shipped a brand new one after that monstrosity
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    Yes , I heard from them immediately. It wasn't even a full day. They said they would send me a new light if I wanted them to. I have owned AMARE lights for years and I know their quality. I said I would plug it in and try it. Even though box looked like it was in a monsoon it was pretty dry once I cut it away. AMARE said if at anytime I wanted a replacement just to contact them and they would take care of it. Based on my past experience with their lights, and with the COVID playing havoc on the manufacturing and supply chain. I decided to give this light a try since it is working.

  16. Well everything is moving along nicely. I started the plants at 20 % and gave them a few days to adjust. Moved up to 40 % and left it for about a week. Just transplanted the ladies into 5 gallon pots (yeah I know should of been done a lot earlier) and cranked her up to 50%. One of these days I will get a trellis net in there and do it proper. Just beat up on them cleaning them up and bending them over. My impression on the light is very positive. I decided to keep the drivers on the light itself. My temps are about 80 ish on the top of the light. We have seen good growth and plants seem happy.
    BAR 6 Week 2.jpg
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  17. BAR 6 72220-1.jpg BAR 6 72220-2.jpg BAR 6 72220-3.jpg

    Heat Wave!!! Everything has been rolling along smoothly here. We have been incrementally Increasing the power to the BAR 6. The ladies just passed Week 3 and the one in the back left corner had grown up to the bars. I raised the light and turned it up to 80 %. Heat management has been good with temps running at about 80 - 82 on top of the light . The coverage is very uniform and spectrum is spot on. kep it Green and stay safe

  18. I just started growing again this year after a 13yr break. So many things are new and I gotta say this light setup and grow space is awesome. I'd never heard of AMARE lights. The control you have on the lamp is a huge benefit. When I stopped growing LEDs were just getting some attention. They have come so far. It's going to be fun watching this grow finish up. Looking fantastic.
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  19. Hi Green Monster,
    Glad you are getting back into growing. Yes, I have been using LED's pretty close to their inception. AMARE was one of the first to start the white light revolution.I have a couple of older journals here. Which shows my journey. You can reach out to them and tell them Weed Dude sent ya. I am really liking what I am seeing. LED's are very directional and spreading them out on a bar really gives a nice distribution. One of the hidden pluses of the BAR 6 is that I can actually separate 3 BARS and have two lights with their own driver. You can also mount the drivers outside of the grow space reducing the generated heat even more. Glad your pulling up a chair.


    - jjmnmmn-
  20. Subbed up need to see what those bars can do. Love my Amare lights even tho I haven’t used them in over a year or so but their bout to fire back up real soon. GL brother and hope to see beautiful buds in here soon.

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