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  1. I am rather interested in trying some form of psychedelic mushrooms, but I haven't a clue where to get some Psilocybe so I am opting for the Amanita. The problem is that I have four choices and no clue which one to pick, so any advice?

    The choices:

    -Amanita Muscaria Eastern European Grade A/B
    -Amanita Muscaria Washington Grade A
    -Amanita Pantherina
    -Amanita Pantherina Powder

    Price is not a concern and the website was reliable when I got salvia so I am not too worried about that.

    Thanks in advance...

    Edit: Not the place for suggestions, but it might be nice if there was an "Other Drugs" sub-forum.
  2. I would go with any of them really. The powder is a bonus because that means you can put it in gel caps and take the pills. That way there is no mushroom taste.

    What website are you using?, If I am right it is illegal to sell dried mushrooms online now since the dutch banned them but you can still get fresh mushrooms. In that case you should keep that in mind when ordering them. Wouldnt want rotten shroomies.
  3. Try to find Psilocybe Cubensis, Amanita is actually the psychedelic mushroom that is bad for you... its toxic, thats what fucks you up and makes you feel drunk, and that shit is filtered through your liver.
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    Arena Ethnobotanicals

    I tried looking up the law, but didn't find much info, but it appears they are completely unregulated in the USA except for a few states which only disallow them being sold for human consumption. Though if the company is ignorant of the fact (Which they certainly are, you still can easily buy legally for human consumption).

    Disclaimer: Not admitting to buying them for human consumption (Just in case, ya know?)

    Edit: Red Eyes, not all species of amanita are lethal.
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    Yes they are legal.. Buy from and you won't have a problem. But I would still rather be taking real shrooms then amanita even though are illegal. Safer.. And the experience isn't even comparable since most people just feel drunk on amanita. Not hard to find...

    Go for:
    -Amanita Muscaria Eastern European Grade A
    -Amanita Muscaria Washington Grade A
  6. Thanks for the info, I am going with the Washington Grade A.

    Last question, whats the recreational difference between Pantherina and Muscaria?
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    Hey Gloom, I registered to this forum just because of you ;-) , google have found this thread for me.
    I used the same site, for Salvia as well, and then considered them reliable :)
    now I ordered some pantherina but they sent me powder insted, mistakenly.
    Now, did you finally get their muscaria? Have you tried the pantherina or its powder? I saw you were online.. Please answer me. I got to decide whether to return the package insisting on whole panthers or to agree to the powder.. could not find anyone that has tried these ones of theirs..

  8. Pantherina = really dreamy, everything is fluid as shit

    Muscaria = drunk feeling, not as dreamy
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