amanita mushrooms

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  1. I've never experienced with any kind of mushrooms, but I want to badly. Magic mushrooms are pretty rare around here, especially the the extrememly powerful psilocybe mushrooms. I've been wanting to try the amanita muscaria shrooms as well, but they can't be that great, after all they are legal.
  2. Damn, thats cool that you can smoke that breed.
  3. Smoking is actually the worst way to take shrooms. when you smoke them the euphoric effects are very brief and you won't get much of the psychedic effects either. eating is supposed to be the best method.

  4. well you cant say that, salvia is good, and its legal

    I will post a thread after I eat some, should be on monday
  5. Salvia isn't really that good, especially compared to all the other drugs I've tried.
  6. Whether a drug is good or not is a matter of invidividual preference. By 'good' he didn't mean 'wonderful.' He meant 'powerful.'
  7. Exactly, I was just posting my own opinion on salvia, him aswell.
  8. The best way is to drink the urine of somebody who ate them, though I don't imagine you'll be terribly fond of that idea.
    Either dry them and eat them whole or peel them and eat them fresh. Dry and smoke the skin.

    Do not eat the skin fresh.
  9. I want to take amanitas and pcp so I can become a viking warrior.
  10. why not eat the skin? (sorry, I'm new to shrooms :eek:)
  11. Fresh amanita skin contains the highest concentration of ebotenic acid, which is toxic. The middle contains more muscimol but still contains ebotenic acid so eating them fresh without the skin will still be a little toxic.

    The drying process converts ebotenic acid into muscimol thus you're left with more good stuff and less bad stuff.

    So yeah, dry them then eat or smoke them.
  12. First trips are always a good memory, haha have fun man and enjoy!:)
  13. Amanita's sound nice Ill give them a try sometime, but they dont sound as fun as good ol liberty caps are though
  14. its Tuesday, how did it go 420420420??
  15. well, I didnt go and pick these, I ordered them off iamshaman

    they took a little longer than I expected to arrive, just got here today, so Im eating 4.5 grams tomarrow as soon as I wake up
  16. Breakfest of champions!
  17. hmmm. I got some a while ago that had been heated at (I think) 105 F which I am told breaks down the ibotanic (sp?) acid. My own experience was just one of enormous energy (and not the good happy kind- I mean the nervous angry kind). Not REALLY surprised the vikings took this to put them into the "Beserker" (state for battle) as it basicly turned me into an angry little chimp.

    But hey- everyone's different.
  18. .... so did you take them this morning? how did it go?
  19. yeah how did it go? I'm all curious now...

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