Amanita Muscaria

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  1. I've been looking into ordering some of this...does anyone have any experience with this mystical mushroom? I hear that smoking the skin of the caps gives a trippy high. I will probably get the 10x extract and try smoking it with some herb. Any input is appreciated, peace.

  2. they pretty much suck ass in my book, nothin like psilocybin, didnt really effect me at all as far as feelin anything, although i did get a couple quick visual disturbances
  3. you can eat it for dinner. that thing will fill your stomache good.
  4. I've never really heard anything good about them. I wouldn't recommend buying them. I havn't ever heard of any fun trips on them.
  5. Well, I just chewed down an 1/8 of the stuff. Surprisingly it tasted pretty good! I only ate caps, no stems. I just had a psilocybin trip yesterday, so we'll see how this compares!
  6. Your going to want to eat more than an 1/8. I had to eat about 10 grams to even feel anything.
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    They are much more poisonous than shrooms. The dangerous dose isn't much higher than the active dose and the level of toxins vary greatly with each mushroom. Some mushrooms could be all poison and little psychedelic effect. As little as 10 mushrooms can be lethal. Pretty dangerous IMO

    All I heard they make you feel really sick and the trip isn't as good as "shrooms". Amantia converts a neurotoxin into a psychedelic but you never know how much of each is inside until you feel it.

    Get some real drugs, man.
  8. The 8th didn't do shit, and I ate it on an empty stomach. I'll try more tomorrow.
  9. I have some shrooms around my property that look just like that, only they are yellow colored. I live in the northwest so anyone know if theyre psychedelic?
  10. for amanita...u gotta eat around 10g's dried of caps to feel anything.

    and the and dont eat more than 30 grams....after that it can be harmful.
  11. Just ate 12g of dried latvian caps...they started to taste bad so I've been gulping down OJ after each time I swallow. I'll update this thread if I trip...otherwise, fuck you amanita muscaria!
  12. If they're dried right they shouldn't be dangerous to your health. I've had some and got a slight trip from making some tea, but never anything too intense. I recommend a place called bouncing bear botanicals, they sell it along with other stuff (I recommend the san pedro cactus).
  13. I would stay away from them. There are a lot of poisonous mushrooms that resemble harmless ones (and vice versa), so even if you do find a picture on the internet that says they're harmless, you can't be 100% sure that they are the same species. Unless you're a mycologist or a serious shroom hunter who knows their stuff, picking random mushrooms is asking for trouble.
  14. Thats actually where I bought them from, and I just ate the rest of the bag...20g total. I have yet to feel anything at all...I feel 100% sober. About to smoke a joint, we'll see if that kicks things into action.
  15. currently have a VERY trippy high goin on right now......PEACE!

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