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  1. Crazy shit going down with the old Knoxy!.. What the citys thoughts? Guilty, not guilty, should go back to Italy to serve sentance?
    Its a weird as fuck set of events no danger, I dunno what to think, she seems guilty. How come she got a longer sentance than her boyfriend back in 09?

  2. I don't know all the details, but Kercher's family decided that it was over with and (hopefully) moved past the issue. When the family of the victim has decided that the person is innocent, the whole matter should be dropped by outside parties.
  3. I think her boyfriend killed that woman.  He looks so fucking smug.
  4. Well, i hope the Italians get it their way and Amanda is forced back to Italy.... she deserved what coming....
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    Anyone who's taken the time to review the actual physical evidence would see that if this was in the US it'd never stick to Knox. The actual evidence points to that Guede dude as the perp. The case is such a farce and pr grab by the prosecutor it's laughable, so far from beyond a reasonable doubt that they could just hold this in a hard line Islamic state. Regardless the US will not extradite someone who is being prosecuted in double jeopardy and there is no way she's going voluntarily. I saw this morning they picked up her old BF like 50 miles from the border lol, waited a day to long dude.
  6. Let me clarify my first post. I believe that Guede and the bf killed her. I believe Knox may have been involved in some capacity but not the act of murder. They would have had much better luck going after Knox for accessory and destruction of evidence (maybe) and charged murder to the two guys. I think that's the most plausable explanation since the police want to make it out as a 3 way gone wrong but how do you account for Guede's abundant DNA evidence linking him to the killing? I'd put my money on Knox being involved in trying to cover it up after the fact.
  7. But initially why did they give Knox 28 years and him only 25...
    And many lols re them pickin him up at the border, been on news all day... what a clown!!! 
    And the family seem to welcome the new verdict, sorry old verdict, sorry some fuckin verdict  :smoking:  :confused_2:
  8. Biggest injustice done to Kercher beyond her death was the absurdly inept crime scene technicians and detectives. Scrubbing away bloody foot prints thinking what's left on the rag will be enough (should have removed the whole tile from the floor), collecting hair samples with one technicians own hair dangling down during the process WHILE on camera, etc...

    She deserved a better investigation into her death. But they should not try to punish someone for murder to try and gloss over how badly they fucked up the investigation from the get go.
  9. I think she's innocent. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Me, personally, I think she's guilty..
    Not because of evidence or lack thereof, just because of this look she has in her eyes.. She looks like someone who has explosive anger and is capable of extreme violence when in a rage.. I've seen that look before in females and they could be shockingly violent at times.. 
    Just my opinion tho..  I may be wrong..
    Doesn't matter either way because like someone said, we're not about to extradite a US citizen for a second trial.. 
  11. I'm just waiting for her to "leak" a porn and become another celebutard.
  12. yup its the evil in the eyes!   convict, burn her at the stake  :metal: 
    There isnt enough evidence to prove she is guilty. Guede is the guilty one.  Bottomline the police fucked up...didnt even tape the interviews, crime scene security, ecentric prosecutor
    I have admit Ralph-wateva was a bit creepy with the knife collection.
    The media did a real # on this one.  Insane, no one would want to be in Amanda's shoes! 
  13. USA thou guys... They want their cake and to eat it!.. Julian Assange should head over to Italy for asylum then they can all stick their fingers up at each other :) 
  14. Lol calm your tits guys, that's just my opinion.Also what about her lying on her boss (blaming the black guy)? And the way she was behaving at the crime scene and the hospital? Even American police pick up on when someone's acting strange and/or hiding something. But they fucked up the crime scene and the investigation so well never know..Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. I still have no idea who this is'Too blessed to be stressed'

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