Am I weird?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokez, May 24, 2006.

  1. So i hear all these crazy stories about people doin stupid and funny shit while they are high. For me, i guess im a chill stoner, no matter how much i smoke, i never do anythin stupid, or get so high to the point where i cant stop laughing. Just the othernight me and my buddy had PURE OIL, stinky as ever, we put it on a cherried cigar and filled up a 2L bottle full of pure black smoke, once u take it and exhale u get a headrush and some peopel fall over, well pretty much after that ur instantly BLAZED.. anyways we took about 10 of these and i was still chillen.. i must have a hightolerance or somethin?
  2. sounds like you just have a naturally huge tolerance, no biggie, just kinda sucks for you

    i do not really do stupid shit, i will have an occassional stupid thought or something, but i haven't "geeked out" in a long ass time. I wish i could again though, laughing that hard is amazing
  3. High tolerance, most likely. Just smoke more and piss your friends off :p.

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