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Am I wasting my wax?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austyn12, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I just smoked .2 and a little tiny hit after that out of my vape pen and im bairly high wtf? .2 of bud vaped gets me higher?

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  2. Maybe bad wax?
  3. Maby dude

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  4. #4 success, Feb 9, 2014
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    i used like .1/4 of what i would use in a regular dab if that in my new cloud 2 vape. and i get high as shit
  5. dude .01 ought to get you like a bowl if it's good wax. .2???? madness. If I took a .2 glob I'd be gone all freaking day.
    Try hotknifing just to make sure it's not your toking method and then if that doesn't do's your wax.
  6.  Hey bro you confirmed my suspicions, I knew that was right, my wax is kind of dry/powderish, is that ok? I keep thinking I'm burning through it way too much, but I used the same device as my buddies ( atmos thermo w) and I got blasted with just a few hits from it..So it must be the wax right? 
  7. I have the same vape and it works pretty well you probably figured it out by now but it was just your wax. it shouldn't be powdery at all but honestly i would buy micro g pen off ebay from the manufacturer it works a lot better
  8. lolol what if someone sold him waxes/fats from a winterization??? hahahaha that would be so shitty and was it really a .2? you weighed it out? thats a fatass dab

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