Am I wasting my time?

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow and I got $0 into it and I need to keep it that way. What I'm wondering is, am I wasting my time with this setup (see pics)? Basically it's 4 40w 4ft 6500K florescents on 5 pots. If this won't work, let me know so I don't waste my time. Any tips would be welcomed.




  2. it will work but id remove the tin foil. ive never grew with it but everyone ive spoke to about foil says it doesnt work. replace with mylar or just leave nothing.

    I'd also get a little fan to blow on the plants for bigger stems.
  3. any light will grow weed deffenatly get rid of tin foil its doing way more harm than good i would suggest building an enclosure and covering it in white visqueen plastic which is best or maylar but if your sticking to no money then dont but it will increase your harvest astronmically if you can find a good refector that would be good to preferably a parabolic and yes you need air circulation an occolating fan bare minimum
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    4' T5 6500k bulbs generally produce 2000 lumens each. So 4 of them is 8k lumens. You generally want 2k lumens /sqft in veg and 3k lumens/sqft in flower so you might have enough light for 4sqft of veg (IE, 2x2 or 1x4 area). Once you get to flower you will need more light, and more space, and light-timers , not to mentions nutes, and very likely odor control...

    So if you got no cash, time, or patience then ditch the plants and continue giving funding your dealer :)
  5. all i gotta say is the weed is gonna be what you put in to it man
  6. Okay, I put a small oscillating fan by the plants and got rid of the foil "reflectors."

    I am beginning to think that I will definitely need some better lighting, at least come flowering time. I was screwing around on ebay and found this...

    I tried reading through all of it but there's a lot of info there or a bunch of mumbo-jumbo sales BS. Is this a good deal or should I try to find a used 600w or 1000w HPS locally? I found someone selling a 1000w HPS setup for $150. Which setup would I be better off with?

    Thanks guys
  7. that refector or hood in that link is garbage go to your local hydro store and buy a 400 - 600 hps set up

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