Am I waiting too long?

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  1. Notice the swollen calyxes...
    Is this normal? Should I hurry and chop now, or wait? Please reply spoon...!!!

    I'm ten weeks of 12/12 8 weeks from first buds - Strain is Humbolt Girl Scout Cookies


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  2. did you flush it ? I see a few things off in those leaves ...but it's way too late to waste time with that...if you thoroughly flushed it....10 weeks with that strain is on point and I'd say chop...if you haven't flushed it...well...then no....start now and go at least another 7 days then cut....

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  3. You should give more info on your setup. Are you sure you're 10 weeks into flower, counting days since flip or since pistils? That doesn't look anywhere near ready. Were you experiencing problems throughout the Grow, the buds don't look they've developed much.
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  4. For flowering for 10 weeks, your plants look like they have a long way to go. Looks to me like you are severely short on flower lighting....enough to cover all those plants at once. You can't use 1 lamp and try to flower 10 plants with it because you have to hang the lamp so high to cover all the plants that you lose strength from the light. The most important element of the indoor grow is flower lighting. Each plant you flower needs strong enough wattage/quality of light to force it to produce. If you are forced to raise the height of your lamp to cover all the plants you have under it, you just shoot yourself in the foot as far as yield goes. Your buds should be much less stretched and more full instead of being long and lanky like these. One of the things a MJ plant does in late flower is use the sugars stored in the leaves as energy to fatten up the buds. This causes a big shedding of sorts and most of the larger leaves will yellow and die. You have tons of leaves still left on your plant. But...with all that said, the only way to tell where you are as far as maturity of buds is to look at the individual trichomes with a scope (jeweler's loupe). You cannot use the naked eye to tell how much amber is in the trichomes. You need at least 25% amber overall in the trichomes before pulling and anything over that is just a more potent plant.

    But you need to take the time to read up on lighting, it's importance, the coverage of each lamp/bulb (realistic), etc., before you flower anymore plants. We use 1000 watt HPS for flowering but only run 2 plants per lamp. By doing this, each plant has plenty of space to spread during flower and allow optimal penetration of light below the canopy of the plant. Light will only penetrate something like 18-24" deep into one under the best circumstances, so you want your light as close to the tops as possible without burning them with the light. Crowding a bunch of plants up together in a room just shades out bud development and plant growth and lowers your yield dramatically. You determine how many plants you can flower by the flower lighting (wattage) you have available to use and how much sq. footage that particular light can cover. It's not how much space I have to fill. With indoor growing, you have to really overkill on lighting to get the result you are after or you end up with big disappointment. I don't know how much more, but your plants definitely look like they need more time and more light. TWW
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  5. Thanks for the advice. So I begged/ flowered with a Galaxyhydro 300w Led and then these 4/23w CFLS you see in the picture for side lighting, so roughly 250 watts to 1 plant in a 2x4x5 tent

    I am growing from one seed of Humboldt Girl Scout Cookies in a 5 gallon containsr of Happy Frog with General Organics Nutes /Cal Mag PHed water to 5.8 -6 and added black strap Molasses toward the end of flowering (maybe too late?) I was only able to give 1/4 strength nutes to maintain the PH so that maybe that held me back.

    I haven't (to my knowledge) had many problems with this grow, the leaves have been green and healthy the whole time until now where they are starting to yellow.

    Since it's my first grow I decided to watch the plant do its thing and didn't trim it much which means I have a larf jungle going on below the main branches (which are like tree branches) prob sucked energy away from buds (sigh)

    I haven't flushed yet, but I'm not too worried about it since I'm using so little of "organic" nutes but maybe I should? I'm thinking like a week for the main branches and then letting the larf go another 2 weeks from there
  6. If I'm counting from first sight of pistils I'm at week 8 of flower..
  7. They don't look ready to me either. My initial thought was to ask if you were sure about the time frame bc it looks rather premature. They look like they need to fill out more.
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  8. Okay cool... Im going to give them some more blackstrap mollasses and then just straight water until they fill out more. I've read that the nugs on Girl Scout Cookies tend to be on the small side, but we shall see... They are extremely potent so far, I tried one of the lower buds and 2 hits had me feeling really buzzed.

    Does anyone know if it's worth it to stage the harvest so the larf can bulk up? Also, I'd like to reveg this plant (in a separate box) and use for clones/seeds if possible, since I really like the effects of this strain.
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  9. Look like it can go longer still bunch a white hairs

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  10. Hmm.. So now that I'm probably going to be running my lights 12/12 for a few more weeks I'm thinking about trying 12/12 from seed with a bunch of bag seeds I just threw into a cup of water not expecting anything and they all germed...

    I have no idea what the genetics are its from some really bad shake that my dads friend gave him so to save electricity for the summer this seems viable...I just put the seedlings into solo cups and I'm letting them veg/get roots under the CFLS in a separate box... I also have some Jack Frost from Greenhouse seeds vegging in the box alongside of them but I may let those veg longer and then throw them into the flower tent after I harvest and then just stage it from there...

    I really did not think these seeds would sprout never mind 20 of them.. Im curious to see what they become :)
  11. Happy 4th of July Americans and all who voted to make growing legal here!!!! ..I'm back with some pix from today. As you can see it's a leafy Larfy jungle. I fed her once more with blackstrap mollasses two days ago and did a straight cold water flush today. She feels kinda dry and brittle and has a little yellow around the edges of some of the leaves ,
    is this normal?
    Do you think I'm a few days or more like a couple weeks from harvest?

    The temp is at 85 with 50% humidity

    Also, I moved my seedlings under the CFLS getting 20/4 hrs light gave them a fan and moved them up higher today (they look a little stretchy) I plan to keep them there until they establish roots then I'll throw them into the flower tent OR outside...kinda late in the season, I know. I'm in New England and first frost is at the end of October so maybe I can still get a couple small plants out there


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