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Am I Waiting To Long..?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ErdayToker, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. So today I hit up my reg dealer, basic 2g's and some papers. He said he's be on it.
    So It's been a full hour and I just sent him a text saying 'you on your way'. I don't know if I'm impatient or if I actually am waiting to long.. What do you guys think? Plus, all the other times he's been here 30 or less.
    He gypped a good friend of mine a couple of days ago so I was already thinking about buying from someone else but he's my best friends brother. But like, I don't want a shit dealer, I want someone who's straight up and tells me whats going on/ if it's actually high quality or not. He's here on time and especially someone who gives the correct amount because I don't have a scale lol.

  2. I hate waiting. If my dude isn't fast as shit I go through sumone else. time is money!
  3. How will you know it's the right amount if you don't have a scale? So whether he skimps you or not you won't even know unless it's by an obvious amount. As for waiting, dealers have lifes to and you're not his only client. If he's been there in under 30min everytime before don't get all riled up because he's running late one time.
    And don't keep texting calling/him the one you sent asking if he's on his way should be enough. Annoying a dealer is basically asking to get skimped lol. If he's not there in another hour just go to someone else.
  4. they go by dealer time which means they are usually always late and will turn up half an hour after the time u agreed to meet.
  5. 1 minute of human time = 20 minutes dealer time
    source: every dealer ive ever had
  6. My dude say I got you and if he don't get me within a hour or two I will text him.ask if he coming let him know he sent the only one selling bud unless he is your only connect

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