am i vaping wrong or something?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dan k, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. i just dont enjoy it at all

    it tastes like burnt popcorn every time
    it kills my lungs way more than a bong or straight pipe
    and i dont really get high off it unless i pack like 3

    im useing an easyvape(yeah its lowquality but if it heats it correctly it should work just the same right?)

    im useing it on 312 degrees usually and up to 320 at the most, anythign more and it smokes too fast and makes you hack up a lung and anything less i dont get anything, after vaping, the buds are golden with some brown spots

    im useing super dank buds and it still tastes like shit.

    and about half way through i end up coughing so much i usually have to take the whip off of the heating thing so i can catch my breath.

    anyone got any advice?
  2. dude....your totally doing it wrong

    the reason its tasting like burnt popcorn is because well..your burning it

    thats also the reason why its tearing up your lungs.

    when your vaping correctly you should actually taste the bud..i always like to compare it to the smell. when it tastes the way it smells is when you know your doing it right.

    turn the temp way down and just play with it until you get a nice light white mist.that doesnt smell burnt and that feels nice and smooth going in

    hope that helps
  3. if i turn it below 300 i get nothing i think

    what temp do you use?
  4. tried again at 270 still tastes like popcorn
  5. I've never once in my life vaped weed, but maybe it's just the vape you bought. I know there's different kinds of vapes, maybe there's another vaporizer that will fit your preference.
  6. tried 250, a little better but still kindof a popcorn taste
  7. 250 is too low of a temperature, unless your vape is measured in celcius.

    Solution? Get a better vape,
  8. I had a cheap box vape that was a no name that had a temperature dial that was super messed up. I had to set it anywhere between about 100-130 for it to be at the ideal temp it needed to be at. I was having the same problem as you are when turning it up to about 280-300. It would just burn the hell out of it. I know it sounds wrong to turn it so low but the temp dial could just be off alot like mine was. I ended up getting a vaporbrothers which completely fixed the temp gauge fluctuation. Good luck.
  9. This.
  10. You're burning it.
  11. i think you have been burning it so that taste is in the whip, try cleaning the whip and vape at like 275 or so, you really shouldnt be exhaling anything, should taste like the herb you put in. i know quite a few easy vape owners and ive ripped them all, they arent the greatest
  12. it depends on the temp and your draw in speed. The slower you suck the more it will burn your weed
  13. I suggest any of the following; Vaporbros, SSV, Da Buddha, Supreme, MyrtleZap, PurpleDays, Woodeez, Extreme Q, Zephyr Ion. There are some more, you can find alot of info on Fuck Combustion. Google it.

    If you buy a cheap vaporizer, what do you expect, its going to run like trash, and you will get less that desirable results.
  14. when im smoking dank out of my da buddha, I dont see my exhales after like the second hit usually... Your still getting something trust me...

    If your acctually getting smoke through your tube, turn it way down.... start at the lowest temp and work your way up to see what works best for you

    and the problem could always be the low quality vaporizer.. I have no experience with that vaporizer, only from what ive read...
  15. Honestly, its your vape...don't worry about what the digital temp readout says because that probably isnt even close...those cheap vapes have horrible temperature regulation so it may say 300 but could be closer to 400...get a quality vape with consistent temp guage (mine is a vapor brothers hands free, not digital but it doesnt need to be) and I get delicious huge vapor rips and get stoned as hell off .2
  16. Turn it down a little. But make sure to hold the hit in! Like 3-4x longer than when smoking.
  17. wrong digital temperature readings are not uncommon with cheaply made vapes. its more of a reference point rather than an actual temp reading. i personally own a vapor bros. and i like mine at about 11 o'clock. the first hit is usually really really thin. but from then on its a pretty good rip with visible vapor.tastes just like the smell and gets me baked after 3 hits.

    i say dish the coin for a better vape and youll quickly make up for it with all the bud you conserve.

  18. this is why i always tell ppl not to get chinese vapes. when people buy shitty vapes and have bad experiences (like tasting like burnt popcorn) it turns them and their friends away from vaping. if you still want to try vaping get a DBV or SSV and them come post how much much better it is than your easy vape :smoke:
  19. Get tha fuck outta here with that shit!
  20. I have the easy vape also
    i've also had a couple of the same problems you are having,
    i dont dislike the easy vape but its not of highest quality.
    i usually vape around 340 to 366
    its might be better to turn down for you( i like higher temps preferably)
    Your ABV should be brown/golden if its black then your baking the hell out of it.
    And also cleaning your tube/whip would help also.
    or you could just get a better vape.
    i've heard silver surfers are good vapes but never tried one.

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