Am i using the right Nutrients?

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    im growing a couple of outdoor hybrid plants and they are currently in their early to mid flowering stage and i haven't seen much luck with the nutrients ive been using so i decided to go and buy some new ones.

    i have just bought Sensi Bloom Part 1&2 , Bud Candy, Snow Storm Ultra, And Crystal Burst. I was going to use this combination later tonight for the first time i was just curious if theirs anything i should not use or maybe something i need to get to help my plants thrive as well as any possible methods.
  2. "" i haven't seen much luck with the nutrients ive been using so i decided to go and buy some new ones."
    you mean like you haven't won the lottery ? what kind of luck were expecting ?
  3. Never forget these nutrient companies are full of shit , they take say sensi bloom , they repackage it add Sugat and BAM now they're selling it as bud buster or whatever.
    Really all you need is grow , bloom , and something to add like calmag plus . The grow and bloom depending on the company or the soil can lack in that.
    I've had so much success with
    1 earthworm castings
    2 general hydroponics grow
    3 general hydroponics bloom
    4 general hydroponics calm again
    Any grow bloom and cal mag. Remember there's a lot of choices and they're all pretty similar unless you want chemicals or organics
    There's a lot of organics out there that's not expensive and works awesome ....pretty much everything else besides root blaster by home and Garden is total Bullshit. Flower boosters and all that crap is just crap I tried em all over a 15 year period and saw no difference. And it really takes like run after run after run growing the same genetics to even know if your making a difference. It's ridiculous some of the crap they put out.
  4. i mean that i have a friend who is using same clones as me growing same way as me and we are at about the same stage but his is drastically different compared to mine. His already has a skunky smell to it and lots of trichomes while mine has no smell or trichomes to it. My question is will the nutrients i mentioned above help me with my problem or should i add/remove something?
  5. Ok Thats good to know thank you
  6. No problem. Its a lot of gimmicks ...they wanna sell more stuff and they know that we growers are absolutely insane about the plants we grow. Haha so they totaly use that to sell more stuff. I had the advanced nutrients rep tell me they water it down add something that doesn't really make a difference then put a new sticker on it ...advanced is the worst at that. They have good products and good nutes but you don't really need a 23 part system , some of the shit they sell is crazy. I'm sure there's some stuff that works , like the beneficial bacteria myco strains and when you add a nutrient specifically made for the myco , like sugar it mollasses that can actualy make a difference. Great white shark first instance. That actualy will make a difference because the myco attach to the roots , then break down the nutrients into a better form more easy for the plant to use not all of it is gimmick but definitely wade through the sea of Bullshit before you spend your hard earned money.
    And don't forget. One of the most important things is the ph of what your feeding. My water for instance starts at 9 when it comes out. I have to drop that to 6 ish before I can even feed it to the plant or the plant can't uptake certain nutrients. Somewhere between 5.5 and 7 the plants will be able to get what they need. Lower than 5 you lock out a bunch of nutrients and higher than 7 you start to lock out a whole different set of nutrients. Adding nutrients to the water you use can change the ph so ask the guy at the store for one that will equal out the ph. Like general organics the vegan food I feed grow and bloom they buffer the waters ph to about 6. Some chems can make it go really high and some low. Just a thought
  7. [​IMG]
    Chicken manure
    Alfalfa pellets
    Sulfur dust to help the 8.5 water I dump on it every day..
    Simple, cheap and I'm 4 years running on the same stuff
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