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Am I using my hotbox right?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by 187clan, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Okay so my nice new hotbox vap came in recently and I tried it out on the little bud I had around. I read that it's supposed to go from the green all the way to brown. In my case,when i was done, I saw mostly a mix of yellowish/dark green and brown. I also read somewhere every draw you take should result in about the same hit, however my first draw is always the strongest (in terms of vapor I exhale). I usually take about 6-8 draws on a full fill. It is a little strange that it doesn't have a temperature knob, but apparently it gets hotter as you breathe in slowly.

    So... does it sound like I'm doing it right? I could post pictures of before/after bud and other stuff but I'm kind of lazy.
  2. Are you mixing up the bud in the vape after every hit?
  3. Yes I am. After about every draw or every other draw I use the stiring stick that it came with to move it around. I mean, the chances are good that I'm doing everything right. Afterall, I was pretty damn blazed after about 10 draws.
  4. If you're getting high, then you're probably doing it right. :D
  5. But I want to MAXIMIZE :) my high given the amount of bud. Is it normal for the draws to get significantly weaker after 1 or 2?
  6. I've found that to be my experience, yes. When I vape, my first two or three hits are the strongest. I know there's nothing more to vape when I don't see anything coming out when I exhale. I take long, slow drags though. How hard are you pulling when you take a hit. Long slow drags are recommended, compared to hard, fast hits.
  7. Well in terms of how hard I'm pulling, on a scale of 1 to hard, I would say about a 5. I'll try pulling in less then.

    Btw, thanks for your help man. It's appreciated.
  8. No problem. :wave:

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