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Am i ugly

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JointGrabbinJay, Jun 8, 2004.


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  2. hellz no!

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  1. some women are MADE of sabotage......
    hey whuts up just picked up some dank from a friend of myne. shits not bad. i got bored and since you obviosly cant hit it i guess i\'ll just enjoy it for everybody. hey ive been thinking. everybody has problems in life but do you think it could have anything to looks? so i wanna know straight out, right here, are my problems related to bad looks?

    AM I UGLY?
  2. Hey ,ya look cute to me ,lol.

    But l am a 50 yr old grandpa,rotflmao again.

    Never worry about things ya carn,t change my friend.

    Or it could just be the half dozen bongs l just had :D
  3. i\'m gunna leave this one for the ladies....

    ....and the grandfathers...
  4. dude lol your just stoned and trippin out.... ill say this in a 100% heterosexual homophobic way. You look like a normal guy, i can usually tell when a guy is \"ugly\" with a huge fucking nose or look like there face got smashed with a shovel or somethin.

    your normal.
  5. You look like that punk that stole my TV!
  6. grow some hair there is time in your life later to be bald! hell i started to bald at 16
  7. well i think ur cute :D too bad im old lol! don\'t look so serious man life\'s way too short to sweat the small stuff!
    toke on :smoke:

  8. haha.....
  9. Gimmie back my TV ya hairless bastard!
  11. OMG its the little brother from American History X !!
  12. i think ur cute too;)!!

    and ditto to not worrying aboot the small stuff!!! life really is too short;)
  13. post it and let\'s find out the reaction you get.
  14. I will if you will.
  15. Uh, isn\'t that highgirly in her avatar?

    Either I\'m far too stoned, or you all are crazy.
  16. omg highgirly, ur not ugly at all! not at all!

    i envy those cheek bones girl;)!

    i think what matters most is what lies inside of a person. i think most of us believe that as well.
  17. Dude. Shut up. I\'m trying to get a hot girl to post a bigger picture.

  18. gahhh lol

  19. someone needs to get out more and get a life...

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