Am I ugly?

Discussion in 'General' started by CoreyR, May 28, 2009.

  1. Honesty please?

    So I am the usual stoner So i decided to wake n bake this morning.
    I packed a HUGE bowl and just got really ripped off it. I decided to take a video of me doing osme smoke tricks cuz it would look cool and so then i watched the video. I saw me in the video as like a whole other person. Like someone you would normally see. I was so fucking baked and i realised that i am one UGLY ASS MOTHER FUCKER. Like..the way i acted too... A fucking loser ugly person. I understand where all my depression is coming from now because a bit ago when i was depressed because of my meds i started going backi had all these thoughts that verify now what i saw in the video. Before i was depressed about how i had no girlfriends, how girls acted wierd around me, why like..i have no real best friends like how all my other "friends" do. EVERYTHING is explained. I was depressed about all that stuff and now i know why. When i saw myself today... I feel like killing myself. It describes everything.
    This is my photo.
  2. im 18 years old
  3. nah ur fine chill out bro.

  4. Dude i've worried about the same shit my whole life, i mean just look at my an ugly mother fucker lol im in no position to judge you on looks i just want to say if you are then dont let it affect your life, as long as you can get a girl you are not completely ugly you obviously have some good qualities...sorry if it doesnt make sense im a bit :smoking:
  5. Mate. I know where you are coming from here..I do same sort of thing.
    Trick is to..well..learn to stop caring...I suffer from depression and all that.
    You just have to block out everything negative...keep yourself occupied.

    I saw that pic..And mate. I have seen so much worse. you are not ugly my friend. Peace.
  6. looks mean nothing dude.
  7. I know what you mean man, i think im ugly also but the girls say im yummy lol. I dont get it but then again, i dont look at myself the same way as everyone else. Also, just realize that your your own worst critic so no wonder you think your ugly...your not man so just smoke another bowl and chill.
  8. dude come the fuck on, I'm fat and ugly and still managed a hot, itty bitty(like 95lbs.), 21yo azn girl and I'm 18 just like you man. It's all what you make it.:cool:smoke up, chill down:smoking:
  9. Nah, you look pretty cute!

    And I'm a girl ;)
  10. Control the acne a little bit better and change barbers and you should be fine. You have average facial bone structure.
  11. The acne may be the problem with your feelings. :p

    People have different tastes, its not as simple as the pretty and the ugly. :D
  12. naw man, you good. It's us girls who always gots to worry about bein ugly, fat, having ugly hair, ugly clothes... :devious:
  13. You hit the nail on the head. Everybody has different tastes. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I am so in love with my fiance that to me he is the most handsome man alive...truly. Some of my girlfriends disagree and wonder how my "taste changed". LOL!

    You are 18...Believe it or not, men actually get better with age...MUCH BETTER!

    As for your picture...You are a cute kid. I would have kicked it with you when I was your age. :D

  14. I havnt loled from a picture in WEEKS. Thanks for that
  15. Shit man, don't even worry about that shit.
  16. My EYES!!! The GOGGLES...they do NOTHING! :eek:

    Just giving you a hard time for spamming the smoking section with random crap, especially when there's a long running 'post your pic' thread in General :p
  17. Ha ha ha....
  18. You, my dear, are another story :ey:
  19. LOL every1 is being supportive then OSG comes in going: "RULES AND REGULATION MOTHERFUCKER"

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