Am I trippin? Or do I have a problem?

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  1. My plant is about 5 weeks into veg. I put her outside during The day due to the perfect sunny days in socal. Then I put her underneath a CLF for the remainder of the 16 on and 8 off cycle.. Ever since the second week the plants bottom leafs are dying.. I already lost the little seedling leafs.. The single leafe.. And now the 3 finger leafs are starting to die.. It starts at the tips and works its way down.. The rest of the plant seems healthy. Just the bottom leafs die slowly.. Need help to fix it.. Also is my plant at a good size for its age 5 to 6 weeks old. Any feed back will help.. I'm new at this.. Here are av few pics...

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  3. Don't know what kind of soil you're in. Or feeding schedule. Top of the plant looks good and healthy. Maybe a lil nute burn at some leaf tips. Personally i wouldn't worry too much. Make sure that pot has drainage holes in bottom. The Mrs. has pots like that and i drilled holes in them. Maybe cover you soil with straw...keeps sun from drying out the top layer so fast. Bottom leaves die off.
  4. The tip browning is nute burn. It's either coming from the soil you've got your plant in or from nutrients you are giving it. You don't say much above about your growing/feeding process for this plant other than what you do about lighting. If the soil you planted it in to start with was a "box store" soil and not a formulated soil designed specifically for these plants, it's probably the nutrients that come in the soil. Lots of those soils will say organic but still be loaded up with fertilizers. Nothing to worry about. It will eventually work it's way through those nutes and won't be bothered by them anymore. Once the plant uses up the nutrients naturally in the soil, THEN you're supposed to start feeds. Too many people try to feed a plant when it doesn't need it and they end up burning the plant.
    I will caution you about bringing your plant in and out like that. It's very easy to pick up various little critters in the natural environment, so be diligent in checking your plant for these.

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