am i too late for 1st grow (outdoor) and more questions

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  1. planning on trying growing with a couple of buddys of mine . so

    here it is :

    planning on making this chea p , just simply getting some local soil , and more eqquipment .. will it make decent bud ? (i know it wont be top notch there but w.e im starting tothink i dont have time to lose)

    so i live in ontario summer will be done in mid - late septembre .. am i too late ?

    does magic soil DO OK ?

    if i plant maybe like 6-7 mai would it be good enough ?

    im rly whanting to grow .. tired of having to buy weed for soo much $ ...

    and id loe to get a good yield :smoke::smoke:

    anyways if i think of any other questions il let u guys know thanks GC ! :bongin:
  2. Whilst answering this, could anybody let me know if it's too late to grow in the UK? (England, East Midlands).
    I've bought some seeds and am just waiting for them to be delivered.
    First attempt, let's hope we both get decent yields. :L
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    i think you'll do alright with some indica dom's but if your growing with bagseed, as i am, than grow, and just hope they finish in time, if not, are you out of anything? not really no.
    on the soil i don't know but as a rule of thumb i try to avoid store bought soils(doesn't mean they won't work ok for you) and just go as close as i can to 1/3 compost, 1/3 peatmoss and 1/3 perlite, sand, vermiculite, something for drainage, more drainage stuff if your going righti nto the ground
    ask gardeners if its good to put tomatoes out yet, if so than put your starts out, if not wait a bit
  4. thanks do u have any recomendations of plants seeds i should buy ?

    looking for fiminized , not auto . deent yield below 100$
  5. not sure on that i don't personally buy seeds(actually my first grow this year) i just use bagseed but if i had the money i think i might buy some
    for you i would assume it'd be a good idea to get a fairly cold hardy strain if possible, or something thats mold resitant if you're near the coast... not really an expert on specific MJ strains or anything, just know a bit about basic gardening

    also, you COULD plant some beans about four inches from the MJ plant, they put Nitrogen back into the soil, and i think MJ like N last i knew so that'd be good for ya
  6. k thanks :smoking: :bongin:
  7. If you going to get the peat moss you need to add some dolomite in order to level the acidity out. Also, not sure if you want to plant other plants around MJ, don't want to fight for root space and nutrients.

    You need to start asap for a good yeild and pick up a heavy indica so you can have mature dense buds when you harvest.
  8. if in a potted container def don't do the bean thing
    which i've never tried, but i was thinking along the principles of the three sisters garden and just replacing the corn with MJ as they both like their nitrogen
  9. You are not too late.

    Depending on where you are in Ontario, you shouldn't put your plants outside until as late as June 1st. If you are in Southern Ontario you can put them out 2-3 weeks before that.

    If you are starting from seed - get them germinating indoors asap. There are a few seed banks in the Toronto area that stock feminized seeds. Read some guides on germinating techniques and if you start soon you can have them outdoors with time to spare.
  10. for cold regions it's a big plus to start them indoors to get a long enough veg time. But you can start them in outdoors and it's not too late. Outdoors veg stops( and flowering begins) in beg August. But June and July (and MAy) are plenty to grow big plants. Make sure the soil mix is airy and you give them 6 hours (or more) sun minimum.

    Don't bother with bagseed as it won't finish in time. I suggest some big autos like Big band kannabia or auto Ak47 lowlife. I grew the big band iand it's a big auto. I'm growing the auto 1K so we'll see this year. Also see if you can get Guerilla gold or Auto afghan or C99 crosses which will finish in time for you.

  11. Where bouts are you?
  12. (1) No your not too late
    (2) 6-7 is plenty for you and one friend
    (3) You will get good strong yield depending on the strain of weed that you use which is suitable for your climate (which their are plenty) and your ability to dry and cure weed propperly.
  13. Corto where are? you come to m y2011 journal bro.... Dont you have one I cant find it? Peace Harry
  14. Your not too late
    Mine are going out next weekend
    I'd recommend you buy seeds from hempdepot
    They are in Ontario and are a GREAT seed bank!
    Also becarfull when growing with friends screw ups and greed come into play.
    As for soil a simple outdoor mix would be best
    But depending on where you are the natural soil might be fine.
    It's your first grow so if you plant 8 plants
    4 will be male
    4 will be female out of those 4 2 maybe 3 will die.
    So you might get 1 or too good plants.
  15. thanks guys!
  16. i got 16 plant for my first grow i think ican manage it so you should have no problym
  17. also you could plant clover around the base of the plants, they will do the same thing as the beans, then about two or three(maybe more, haven't tried yet but have heard of it on this site and over the net) and they will act as a living mulch, they also are legumes(put N into the soil from the air) and will make the soil better each year if you grow things right WITHOUT the need of fertilizers OR EVEN COMPOST
    look up the one straw revolution on youtube and look up some companion planting and what not on this site

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