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am i too high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wv dro, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. i just smoked some resin i rolled in keif on top of a fat bowl pack of DANK keif like shake. and im 18 in a high school/career center. i have core classes until 2 and then deisel mechanics/welding/engineering at 230. should i go to school?
  2. help me please
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    I love it man
  4. If you know how to behave right now then your good. I would go to school drunk after drinking in the morning (I would not recommend that) and I have also smoked fat joints before school bus back then. I would go blazed as fuck, but I just calmed myself down and felt like I was easily going through my daily tasks. I even sometimes go to work blazed as fuck, but I just let things happen. it feels good you just behave right.
  5. Ofc you should go to school, thats why its called high school, cause everyones getting high and going to school :smoke:
  6. now school might be good ohh and go shit fast next thing you know BAM your home getting high again
  7. Diesel mechanics ? Just watch out for high fuel pressure, don't want 8000 psi ripping a hole in your face LOL. You'll be fine, just act normal, heck don't even act, but be normal. Go on with your day and nobody will know. I've been to school high plenty of times and it was the same old shit besides the fact that every other thing was funny or I froze up inside when I saw a teacher or admin.
  8. i would suggest puttin red eyes in and goin youll be when lunch time hits just bring extra food money cause you will have the munchies
  9. Lol if you're couch locked then fuck it, if not just go :hello:
  10. Don't. doesn't seem like you care anyway.
  11. If you ever ask an online forum if you are too high then you are not high enough. You should be able to tell urself.

    Smoke some more and go to class

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