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Am I too generous?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bactobac92, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Well first I would like to say hello, as this is my first time posting on GC. Also I would like to apoligise for any and all spelling errors......

    But back to the point at hand, I was just thinking of all the times Ive smoked and realized I almost always end up paying. Like when I was still in school a frien of mine would ask something along the lines of: "Hey wanna go smoke at my house?" and I would agree then end up spending $20 for my friend and her four friends.

    And the sad thing is I only just realized this. Is is bad that im willing to spend $40 when my friend is only going to pay $5 gas money?

    Thanks for anyone who posts, and sorry if this is in the wrong place.​
  2. well you shouldn't let people take advantage of you that way i think. how often does it happen? i'll pay for shit for my friends, but because i know they would buy something for me when i have no cash.
  3. Well if were splitting the cost I almost always end up paying more. Like the other week my friend chipped in $20 and I paid $35. But most of the time I pay the whole ammount.
  4. Yeah depends on the situation
    do they appreciate it or has it become expected?

    are they broke or something?
    like "Oh I'll get the next one"

    or do you get there and they're all sitting on the bed like "hello santa claus!"

  5. Well most of the time she has money, but she really wants to buy a car so shes saving up....

    Omgosh thats funny XD Can I use that as my siggy?
  6. Sounds like you are being taken advantage of to me. The problem is, you feed a stray cat and he'll keep coming back for food. Start asking others to help out if they want to smoke, it shouldn't be your job to provide this for people.
  7. Yeah I'm the same there really... with weed and with petrol money, I don't like asking for it, so will ask once and if I get nothing just shut up. I don't mind sharing weed with new people that I have met, but I have started asking people I smoke with regularly to give me money when smoking, there's no point asking them to buy their own weed and chip in because I get the best stuff available cheaper than the shittier stuff anyway!
  8. Thanks for helping ya'll. Ill have to keep that in mind in future.
  9. Easy as this, just take more weed. I assume you don't smoke it all? So whats left over take it. If they ask say "well I paid 35, you paid 20...". Why should you have to pay more though? If its being shared, the price should also be shared. Why did you offer to pay more in the first place?
    I think they are going to continue because they realize that you are "too generous" and since you didn't say anything about it in the first place, or even the second time, they aren't going to start from then onwards. This is more about respect than money or weed, dont let them push you around or anything. And don't be afraid to be firm, if anyone is in the wrong its them.
  10. Once they expect to smoke the weed you bought anytime they want and they think you will let them, then there is a problem.
    Tell them you won't pay for their shit, and don't let them smoke your shit until they learn that weed isnt free.

    I personally wouldnt mind smoking my weed with someone who barely smokes, but if this happens daily...
  11. Welcome to the city first off

    and in my experiance those friends that stick around only when there's food on the table, aren't really worth keeping around. catch my drift?

  12. Yeah same here about your last point... I like to share with people what my weed is like, but once it's regular it's not good!
  13. Dude I had this Exact same problem!
    Learn how to just say no! Lol
    Don't be a push over, there are lots of fuched up people in the world that are always looking to take advantage of some person with poor standards.
    Put a limit on how much cash you give away or just tell them you are close to broke and they must chip in
  14. I often smoke friends up too. You don't want to get taken advantage of, but hey.. at the same time, good karma :cool: As long as your friends are cool.
  15. I think you should tell them, if you think you are being taken advantage of. But tell them to their face, and just be cool about it. Talk it over rationally and maybe everyone will put in five who doesn't bring.
  16. im a little like this too. when me & my friends wanna smoke, most of them pay $5 and i pay $10. i dont really mind since its not only me paying for everything, but i make sure im not taken advantage of. if you do pay more, you should be able to get more hits or something. let them repay you in some way every time so its not like theyre using you for money. but still dont be afraid to say no, they wont hate you & if they do fuck them & find new actual friends

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