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Am i too drunk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakkshadd, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I am very drunk, ok i consumed 2/8 of a bottle of 40% alcohol i rarely drink usualy smoke, should i bve worried i am feeling VERRYYY drunk and intosicated i made myelf through up in the bathrrom because i was scared of intoxication i weigh 148 ppounds and i am 19 very skiny and i am very scared because i am drunk because i am not dead yet i am less worried,will i be ok? i drank lots of water while drinking it was in a 1-2 hour period not sure anymore, will i be ok?
  2. You're gonna die dude.
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    Haha damn bro that's cold, nah man jus drink water nd maybe eat somethin small, if you feel like blacking out then call the ambulance
  4. if you can consciously type that than your not too close to blacking out. you might be at a .3 and .44 kills you. you areok. lul
  5. Even if you do die, you'll be too drunk to notice, so all's well!
  6. seriously . . . . alcohol shouldn't be played around with. Imo, if you are going to "go hard" with something make it weed.
  7. So if i can read and type i should be ok? right?
  8. Lmao 2/8 bottle.

    You never said of what size. A fifth? That's kids games, that's what I call my warm up.
  9. lol u so scared.. youll be fine especially if you managed to get to this random ass forum and type all that up, go smoke somethin and sober up :p
  10. ok so it is, Jose Cuervo The yellow one, i rarely drink but smoke alot should i be worried, its been about and hour i prob should be fine tho, i just are not used to it, so thats why i am freaking out, i will never again drink this much, this is why pot should be legal and not alcohol, goshhhhhhhhh
  11. put in your weight and how much you have drank in one of those blood alcohol content charts. they show you how much you need before you have alcohol poisoning. Here's one BAC Charts
  12. hahahah.

    Go for a jog, that will make you puke. Then you can go to sleep.
  13. Sleep it off dude. If you successfully got on here and had enough sobriety to type a post on here, you'll be alright lol.
  14. Try 55kg smoked before I drank 1 bottle of beer, 10 full average sized drinking cups of Jim beam, 2 shots of really strong vodka.

    I went into a 2nd degree coma, dizzy for 5 days.
    I'm fine, you'll be alright.

    That was my first time too.

    They still call me a lightweight, am I?
  15. If he can type that good, he's not even that drunk.
    I'm thinking troll, kinda.

    I think you need to experiment more, to find out how much you can take.

    Check out

    I don't remember the address.
  16. Thank you guys, i feel better, i am so glad i will not die, i just puked aLOT, alcohol is very dangerous, the only reason i got this drunk is because, i was drunk and decided to drink more

  17. you scared so m,uch shit out of me dude haha, but really u made me scared
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    Lol @ 55kg
  19. You're dumb ass deserved it. Alcohol is a poison, that's why people die from "alcohol poisoning".

  20. Fuk of

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