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Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by southernstoned, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. What up guys i'm new here to grasscity been toking since i was in high school but didn't become a stoner till i got here to college. Recently, as in the past two weeks, I've been smoking everyday nearly all day, a lot more than usual, which is only a couple of bowls only at night or the weekend. Also in the past two weeks I've lost nearly all of my appetite when I'm not stoned. When im blazed i still get the normal mad munchies though. I'm wondering if its only a coincidence that I've lost my appetite or if food just isn't good enough for me anymore when I'm not stoned. Sounds crazy but I'm wondering if any of you seasoned tokers have also had his happen to them. Random thoughts on the subject are also welcomed
  2. thats what happens. many times people who smoke weed daily cant even down breakfast if they are out of bud. your appetite will pick back up, its just that your body is used to the munchies after being high consecutively

  3. that happened to me for a period of time, but it eventually passed. If you cant eat sober, force yourself to eat and you'll see that its all okay
  4. THC Dependency google it.
  5. Your not alone my friend. It happens to a lot of people so dont worry bout it to much. Welcome by the way.:wave:
  6. I never had an appetite because I had undiagnosed Celiac Disease for many years, food made me sick but I didn't know why - turns out it was gluten (protein in wheat, barley and rye) in my diet. Marijuana did increase my appetite and I'd credit it with helping me to survive until my Celiac was brought under control through a gluten free diet.
  7. I understand I am having the same problem. For example its 11:30pm and I just had my first meal of the day... Bc i just toked. Haha so I was sober for breakfast lunch and dinner and passed on the opportunity to eat bc I wasn't hungry until late when I toked....

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