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am i the only one?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by MaChInEgUnFuNk, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. who thinks KMK is cheap shitty weed rap?i mean seriously,there awful.i just dont like them
  2. Ya i agree with you on that one, if u want quality hip hop listen to some def jux, souls of mischief, living legends, ect... not raggin on all the kmk fans im sure are out there in this forum, their just not my style.
  3. cant be anyone special, never heard of em :D
  4. its just not good rap
    i was forced to listen to them for a long time and all they talk about is pot and how much they thuged out cuz they smoke it, im sorry i have been smokin pot for many years but i can talk about other things, i mean do you really have a life if all you tlak about is pot.

    ok im not insulting pot heads i smoke everyday and have for years, what im saying is that its not very creative if you cant rap about anything else

    god im to stoned to rant....
  5. me either.
  6. kotton mouth kings, right?
  7. Listen to some UK hip hop - Taskforce, Jehst, Braintax, Skinnyman, Phi life cyhper, and many more. Check out www.suspectpackages.co.uk for some uk hip hop.
  8. I'm down with KMK. But i DO have to agree with you all, their shit is basically the same shit over and over again. But they have some songs that are just fucking great. Crucial is easily one of my favorite songs by them.
  9. i think they're talented, but uncreative. all their songs are about smoking weed and staying high all day, and that makes them lame. but there is one exception. Tangerine Sky, even though it's not the type of music i generally listen to, is a great song. download it. the agree with me :p
  10. i glad to see some of u agree....
  11. never heard them. heard of them, just never heard them.
  12. I only like one song of theirs and I can't even remember what it is right now. Oh well.
  13. the only good ones i can think of ..float away & kings blend

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