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Am I The only One?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Incompl, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Have you ever told yourself you would go to sleep early, just cause you wanna get sleep and its the right thing to do, but then found yourself battling sleep at like 2AM? Damn i always do this and my Grandma told me its because i watch TV at night and the light keeps your brain awake. Just thought id share some insight with yall because my grandma knows everything lol. Basically the moral of the story is to try and get high and avoid TV before going to sleep and maybe we can all get better and more consistent rest. Then again sometimes i stay up to enjoy my baked-ness. Anybody else Fight sleep even though your eyelids are heavy as bricks?
  2. Yeah I fight sleep if I'm still pretty high because I know I'm gonna wake up sober and I don't wanna waste the high. But when I fight sleep I normally fall asleep doing whatever I am, so I'll wake hours later in my clothes still, or light on, or half a sandwich on my bed, things like that. Then gotta get up, get undressed, clean up everything in my sleepy state and get back to sleep.

    Sometimes I'll stay up longer and then find myself not sleepy anymore too. I'll be sleepy at 1 or 2 but not go to sleep, and when I go to bed at 3 or 4 because I know it's getting late, I'm just totally awake. My mom says it's lights and TV/video games too, she says its the light on my eyes and its my brain staying active and engaging in whatever I'm doing that keeps me awake for longer, so now if I watch TV in bed I turn the brightness down until its dark enough to match my surroundings, and the same with my phone light, but the real key to sleeping well is just being high when you do, and turning electronic stuff off like 30 mins before bed I think. Apparently reading helps but I can't pay attention to a book for that long.
  3. yeah we're on the same boat. I think sometimes as humans we ignore the messages our body is trying to send. Its 5Am on the eastcoast haha. See ya later :eek:
  4. You gotta calculate, smoke like 1,5-2 hours before going to sleep so you get the body high and you don't waste your high.

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