am i the only one with this problem?

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  1. I don't usually seem to climax when I'm wearing a condom...I had sex with my ex a lot without one, and it got to the point i couldn't seem to get off when i would wear one. Is it something i'm going to have to get used to?
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    Fact: girls take 10 times longer, on average, to climax than men. More time= more fun for her bro! :smoke:
  3. i usually pull out ahead of time.. donno why.. just real scared of being a daddy

  4. I hear ya... not ready to be one.. (money wise) and my girl still needs to finish school yah know?
  5. have you tried using one of those "ultra sensitive" kinds:confused:

  6. was ganna ask but to be honest some people cant finish with the girl they are doing it with even with out... i know this one kid who would have sex for 2 hours and not even finish
  7. I've never came with a condom on before, as i recall, but it still feel's good and my girl loves it all the same, so no big deal.

    Unprotected does feel alot better but of course you don't last as long.
  8. Ask her if she'd consider taking birth control. If you're committed to one another and she's on birth control theres still some risk but it's better than nothing.
  9. fuck her for as long as you can,

    if you still don't for a few hours,
    titfuck her!
  10. You should be glad you can last forever, she will get all the more pleasure from you.
    Better this than premature ejaculation bro.
    That shit just sux, it´s like, hi, yes, bam, bang-over.
    So be glad you can last ages, your girl will appreciate it, I´m sure :)
  11. Better than premature dude
  12. i have a super hard time cumming with a condom on. I hate it. sex is so much better without one, but we all know the consequences of that shit.
  13. Got the same problem man. Unfortunately since I like fucking with no condom on, I recently found out I might have knocked a whore up:(

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