Am i the only one with this fear?

Discussion in 'General' started by SublimeSativa, May 16, 2011.

  1. I'm always so paranoid when i go to take a shit that a snake will come up my the toilet and bite my nuts, or a poisonous spider like a black widow will be under the rim and see my dick as a monster and attack it. I always flush before i shit because of this fear lol
  2. hahaha , i wonder whatr caused this fear....
  3. Not sure lol had it since i was a kid, i fuckin hate it. One time i was high and didn't flush before sitting and i got up and screamed and flushed that motherfucker 10+ times yelling "No demons shall assault my genitals tonight" lol
  4. no disrespect but haha that is to funny i thought that way when i was maybe 3 or 4 but it passed i am so glad it did cause that would just suck
  5. i have a fear of being sucked in to the toilet, so i hover when i take shits
  6. I know im weak lol but i just can't get over it:p
  7. i only have a fear of having splashback when i drop my big shits and the piss mixed with shit water splashes on my asshole.

    edit specially if i have diarreah
  8. no dude i've heard of that kind of thing happening. i've heard anacondas and tarantulas have just appeared out of nowhere and ripped off ballsacks before. you have been warned.
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  10. :eek: For real? I'm never shitting in a toilet again, writing down paper bags on my shopiing list as i type.
  11. haha iv had the same fear since middle school, and theres no snakes where i live.

  12. no, totally just kidding.
  13. I doubt it would go straight for your cock and balls...
  14. You're not alone:wave:
  15. This, but i'd of said it less graphicly hahaha

    one time though I saw a nasty ass cockroach crawling around my toilet, and I held off shittin cause i couldnt find the fucker and i didn't want it getting all personal with me.
  16. Oh thank god, i was seriously scared lol
  17. without splashback shitting has no risk :devious:

    you should be concerned about things in the toilet. ever see the hills have eyes?
  18. lmfao this is exactly what happend to me when i used to live in the hood:D

    yes i have lol good point
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    maybe his cock is so small hes afraid of them getting it confused for a caterpillar and 2 pupas lol:laughing: jk no offense ment

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