Am I the only one who vaguely remembers...

Discussion in 'General' started by DCsFavorite, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. The internet before YouTube?
  2. 14.4 kbps Prodigy message boards from 1992.. So fuckin' awesome. I was 9 lurkin on them shits.
  3. less ads.
  4. Yes. I remember when flash movies were king. Newgrounds <3
  5. I remember being delighted when the sound of the telephone modem started beeping then 30 seconds later silence, then 30 more seconds later...connected to AOL baby! :)
  6. I remember when Dial up use to be the fastest shit around, AOL 5.0 for the win!!!!
  7. Did you forget about runescape?

  8. Lol i remember this too... and don't accidentally pick up your phone that annoying ass sound will play loud as fuck
  9. when .gifs would take forever to load....

    waiting HOURS to download a song from napster
  10. Runescape...oh man
  11. R.I.P good runescape
  12. I vaguely remember that, I think I was 11 when YouTube came out. Shitty dial-up, hours a day on runescape (I'm so glad I'm not the only one), AIM, and newgrounds was always fun. Limewire and MySpace were still relevant. It's scary how far it's progressed.
  13. Good? all I remember was the high levels that were assholes and do shit to piss you off (your mining they have a higher mining level come up mine the ore before you do) or the noobs that only wanted money and free shit while I was mining...
  14. Wtf is runescape?
  15. Pogs.....
  16. I remember participating on some of the first Internet message boards. What a pain in the ass those were!

    The linear form found in message boards today, like the one we're on now, is far superior. Having to click a link to see each person's reply in a thread, and waiting for those links to load in dial up made message boards very cumbersome!

    And haha, trolling AOL chatrooms FTW
  17. when you couldn't use the house phone when you are on the computer
  18. [quote name='"Bwarren93"']^Thats internet?

    And runescape is a Multiplayer game set back in evil times in which you can do quests and make money. or RuneScape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game[/quote]

    I thought ops answer was the first one and it could be about anything we wanted. My reading comprehension is slacking hardcore

    Hmmm how about when everybody used aol im?
  19. i remember when you had to be invited to Gmail.

    i was a badass kid in middle school with a Gmail account.

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