Am I the only one who thinks MFLB is overrated?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by OriginUnknown, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I bought one, it was good for the lack of smell, but the high was nothing special. I don't really understand why everyone hypes the hell out of it, it is just a meh vaporizer, I would much rather hit a joint or a nice glass piece. Opinions?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, it isn't at all a bad piece. People just make it out to be the best thing since hydroponics.
  2. Alright here's my adress, send it right over

    420 Coughy Rd.
    Postal Code:R3D 3Y3Z

    Expecting my MFLB soon!
  3. I know what you mean, I felt the exact same way when I bought mine.

    I think it's meant for more of a buzz.. if your into the whole "getting stoned off your ass" thing then it's not for you.. but it definately is enough to change your perspective and give you a nice buzz
  4. Your not the only one, but prepare for an army of butthurt fanboys coming in here to claim you don't know how to use it.
  5. The MFLB is not overrated, (stoned/exaggerated reviews aside).

    Some of you are just expecting too much from a $120 device that weighs 1.1oz
  6. I was lucky enough to get an almost new one for under 50 so I don't see it as such, but if I paid full price I might not be as appreciative. I do like using it but only if I'm by myself, I enjoy the high I get though. Especially if what I have in the chamber is some chrystally sativa, otherwise it doesn't seem to work as well.
  7. I think it's an decent vaporizer considering the size and price.

    But I think that they're an unfair vape to use for a fantastic vaporizing experience. They seem to convert people less often to vaporizing.

    I think with practice they hit well, but it's really nothing compared to how blasted I get using my Silver Surfer.

    I don't think they can hold up with desktop vapes, and I also don't think they're the best portable vaporizers.

    Are they the best for many people's price range? Or for people who need extreme stealth? Possibly. But when speaking of the best portable vaporizers, I can't help but think of it more in a medical fashion, to be the absolute best. And extreme stealth is not enough. It's great sure, but a portable vaporizer for many people - just needs to be portable, nothing beyond that. For this I think there's vapes that are portable, long lasting, temperature controlled, and deliver much more quality hits than the MFLB can. Will this cost more and probably not be quite as tiny as the MFLB? Sure, but those aren't the only requirements for best vape.
  8. When owners make all those "best portable hands down" claims, it riles me. It is not even close to being the best. Owners seem to think small size and cheap=best. I truely believe 1/2 of them have never used anything else yet they claim it's the best. Heck, they have thrown it into the conversation when someeone is debating on getting a SSV, EQ, or DBV like it's even close to being equal to them. The only thing it's the best at is being the best of the cheapest. If size and price are of paramount importance, and the quality of the vapor you're getting means little to nothing, then the mflb is your ticket.
  9. You're not the only one, mine arrived yesterday and I was kind of disappointed how little high it got me, but it still day 1 and I'll try to like it.
  10. When you're hiking in the woods, the MFLB is awesome! But at home, it's not enough. So I use a SSV at home
  11. if ttop priority is portability then no, not overrated.

    if top priority is not portability then there is no reason at all why you should bother buying one and learning how to use it.
  12. you need practice hitting it correcctly, once you get the method down you can get fat clouds of vapor
  13. They look jank as fuck but I never tried one...I own SSV and it gets you ripped.
  14. You can't compare a desktop vape and a portable vape.

    The MFLB is like the spoon pipe of the vaporizer world. I have tried the EZ vape and the MFLB and the MFLB is my favorite.
  15. It's a great device... An over hyped great device. But a great device none the less.
  16. I guess I'm lucky it gets me stoned
  17. I think it's ok.
    For portability - it's great.
    For stealth - even more-so.
    Vape quality - Not bad.
    Battery life - SHIT
    Charging time - Too long for too little charge

    So if you're after it for the first two reasons, it'll serve your purposes.
    Though if you're after a vape that's your be-all and end-all smoking replacement device, I'd get something better.

  18. this. never had a problem gettin ripped off my ass
  19. Don't people just buy that for the school bathroom or to not get caught at the office? I wouldn't use at home.
  20. [quote name='"ImMitch"']Don't people just buy that for the school bathroom or to not get caught at the office? I wouldn't use at home.[/quote]

    I use it everywhere. Non tolerant parents

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