Am I the only one who loves iTunes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Leighton Ward, May 14, 2011.

  1. It seems like I'm the only person who doesn't torrent albums or just download em free. I like buying cd's and songs as much as possible. I think it's the least I can do to support somebody who made the music. Plus I love how its high-quality. I wouldnt have a problem downloading it free if it was HQ sound. So i'm always scared it wont be
  2. Frostwire <3
  3. I get all my music illegally but I use itunes to listen to it.

    Never found/even bothered to look for a different program.

    In fact, I have 2 or 3 $15 iTunes coupons that I have never used because it's easier to get the music illegally with no DRM.
  4. first two posts are what the internet calls a fail.

    torrents ftw.
  5. Well I don't even have an ipod anymore. So i guess I dont download as much music as you guys
  6. I usually get mine free from torrents or soulseek. I have bought plenty off of iTunes though to support those artists. I'm poor so I have to download from soulseek.

  7. Mediafire won my heart over torrents.
  8. I still like collecting cd's.. :smoke:
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    I use mediafire for my singles. I wont lie.

    Still, 2 songs+=torrent.


    also, i was referring your post as the third. jic.
  10. I always d/l my music first. If I like it, I will buy the album to support the artist.
  11. dat piff ftw
  12. Ha, all the songs on my iPod are different volumes because they come from such a broad array of... sources.

    As soon as I'm making enough money to sustain my music addiction legally, I'll be happy to pay $1.29 for every single track
  13. itunes doesn't offer flac. plus i'd rather have a physical copy of a cd rather than a digital. you get artwork, lyric booklet, and you can also rip high quality files to the computer. all for the same price.

  14. If you use iTunes.

    Preferences>Playback>Sound Check ON
  15. has thousands of bands that allow taping and posting of shows. Most of it is flac, shn, vbn, ogg and you can stream before you d/l so you can check the quality. Also, the player will play in safari so you can stream straight to your ipod with no d/l. Lot's of good bands there, G Love, Dead, Hookah, Panic, Gov't Mule, Yonder Mtn. Robert Randolph, all live shows and mostly available in lossless format. Most of GD is streaming only but there's 2000+ shows to choose from. Do I sound stoned? lol.

    Back to the question, yes, I like itunes and I buy about half of the music I pay for from the itunes store. I still like having cd's though so it get's decided by how soon I want it.

  16. Oh yeah i buy cds in stores too. I just bought the new Wiz cd like a month ago. Not his best work but its alright :D

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