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Am I the Only One Who Hates this..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DankyBudz, May 22, 2010.

  1. This.

  2. +rep

    since we all just smoked together, I think it is pretty clear everyone there is just as high as you.
  3. Personally i think its pretty dumb and i only like to use weed to enhance my brain not "fuck it up".
  4. Sounds like you're pretty fucked up right now.
  5. I agree, sometimes smoking rediculas amounts can be fun but I personally don't like the term "fucked" or "fucked up" being used to describe how stoned you are...meh each to his own.
  6. It's just a figure of speech. I'm not sure why some of you get your panties in a twist over it. Like CannabisVin just said, to each his own.

    Personally I reserve the term for when I'm REALLY fucked up.
  7. ya exactly, with people that have been smoking for awhile, its kinda just an unspoken thing that everybody is blazed as hell, sometimes ill make eye contact with someone else thats also really high and just say "ya, you know whats up" or something along those lines
  8. It's certainly possible to get "fucked up" off of cannabis, though it is harder for experienced stoners because of high tolerance. Try eating kief brownies, and then smoking lots of chronic herb and bubble hash. You will be fucking BAKED. :)

    But I agree with you that in general I don't use weed as a tool to get fucked up. I see herb as more of a thing to spice up your days and make everything more fun and interesting, as well as providing analgesic, calming effects on the human body. Getting ridiculously couchlocked every time you smoke is pretty unproductive after all.

    I really hate smoking with people who act like they're drunk and loudly, frequently proclaim how blazed they are (unless they're getting smoked up for the first time). Shit like that gets annoying real fast. I only say that I'm fucked up when I really, truly am. :rolleyes:

    Moderation in all things, including moderation. ;)
  9. i feel like your confession contradicts your actual point
  10. i wish pot got me "fucked up", id save so much on beer money...
  11. Gotta go through some ish in life to appreciate the real affects of the tree
  12. LOL the first 3 times I smoked weed I can honestly say I got "FUCKED UP" I remember being curled up into a ball for 30 minutes, then sitting up, then laying down, then sitting up and asking my friends, wait why did I have to sit back up, when did I lay down?! hahah
  13. yeah i use to be one of those guys until I started smoking regularly
  14. I can't even get fucked up off of weed. It doesn't bug me if other people say they are, though. Weed might make them feel "fucked up" and that's the kind of high they like, I don't care. It could just be how they say stoned, baked, blitzed, blazed, etc.

    One thing that DOES bug me is if someone doesn't shut up about it, like "man im so fucked up, are you fucked up? man you're fucked up too! look at you! you're fucked! man im so fucked up i cant believe im so fucked"
  15. I cant stand when theres one person in the group thats like "wow you guys are so high, im not even that high" Like shut the fuck up its not a contest
  16. I usually don't comment on how high I am, but sometimes if a bowl or something got me higher than I expected it to, I'll turn to my friends and ask if they're really high too. I never try to make it a contest though, that's for sure.

    And I usually don't use "fucked up" as a synonym for "high." "Fucked up" seems to apply more to alcohol or narcotics, imo.
  17. Yeah when you smoke weed everyday you dont really get fucked up you just get chill...

  18. ill say it once when i smoke and not all the time maybe once a week. and i never did anything else so i say it meaning im high as shit. but not wow i need to site cuz im FUCKED UP. ive seen people who have done harder drugs and i know what it means to be truly fucked up
  19. It doesn't bug me but I've heard this before from my friends, and there is a definitely a difference in being high and being "fucked up".
  20. No shit weed can get you "fucked up". Fucked up usually meaning high as fuck.

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