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Am I the Only One Who Hates this..?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DankyBudz, May 22, 2010.

  1. Don't ya hate it when everyone is tokin up, but about 3 of your friends just talk about how "fucked up" they are? Me and my circle just like to chill out and talk about philosophy. Why do people like to use weed as a tool to get "fucked up"?

    If this sounds weird I'm sorry, I'm blitzed. :smoke:
  2. Sound like u are using your high to spread your hatred of other things.
  3. I can't even consider being high as being fucked up. When I hear fucked up, I think of alcohol or hard drugs.
  4. No, its just something ive always thought.
  5. I only notice this in new tokers, most friends I toke with don't even say how high we are. We already know, but in a good while when we are pretty up there we'll all look at each other and say how high we are.
  6. Agreed. Whenever I hear anyone say that I say "fucked up? What is this ALCOHOL? Did you mean to say 'healed'"? :hello:
  7. I used to use the words 'fucked up' to describe myself or others after smoking weed before... but that was up until I did coke and acid (not at the same time).
    fucked up quite literally means, 'fucked up'. like when i picture it, I see people either tripping balls or just lying on the floor rolling around or something :D
  8. yea got a friend like that. they are very obnoxious when high and very loud. it's a real buzzkill . needless to say we don't smoke with that person a lot
  9. Sometimes people get so high, they are just like, damn, IM FUCKING HIGH. I have, specially wehn I was on some blotter. It happens. Just try to ignore it.
  10. I don't mind people saying they're fucked up so long as they're not loud. "Fucked up" is just something people say, it doesn't really have a specific connotation. There's nothing I hate more than a loud, obnoxious, drunk-esque stoner.
  11. #11 DarthBizzle, May 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2010
    It is possible to get fucked up from weed though, but only rare and most common in rookies

    I remeber my first bong rip... Well, sort of, I kind of blacked out and went to the cafeteria at our college... Apparently it took me an hour to eat a small plate of fries and a slice of pizza hah. the walk back to the dorm felt like it took an hour.
  12. I cant stand kids that say that, not to mention all that they ever talk about it weed. I just feel like its something that doesnt need to be discussed

  13. ^^this. and if you havent been "fucked up", you have no idea what it is to be so, and it aint all its cracked up to be. you know it when you've been there.
  14. i dont think its as much as being "fucked up" as much as super blasted and they are so high they cant think of anything else to say lol

    one time i was blazin wit a homey and all he could talk anout was how he felt cuz his high was so strong that he was stuck in ihs own head just sayin his thoughts outloud

    i also have been "stuck" but just not talkin about my high, i was really really fixed on how sad i was my one friend found a lil bouncy ball and then my other friend lost it before i could paly with it and i just kept on describing my sadness to my friends lol but then we laughed for like 10 mins so it was all good

    also the reason ur buddies might have said that is cuz they were just really suprised at how high they were and were too stupid to keep it to themselves
  15. Last night my friend and I blazed then went to this house party, but it sucked, so we headed out and as we were riding down the street some drunk people drove past us screaming. That's when I realized why I like weed more than alcohol. Alcohol just fucks you up, whereas weed has a more calm feeling of intoxication.
  16. i know what you mean, but i don't mind it much. most of the time i just like to chill, but every now and then (if i dont have any alcohol and im too lazy to have someone get some) i'll just rip some fat ass bong rips and get fucked up. its whatever you're into man. different strokes for different folks.
  17. I don't use the term anymore, b/c I've seen ppl fucked up on other stuff (alcohol, mainly) and I have never been like that, no matter how much weed I smoke. Now, I'm more likely to use ripped, blazed, gone, etc. It doesn't bug me, though, it just means that the person can't find another term that best describes their stoned state. :confused_2:
  18. saying you are "fucked up" is just as pretentious as "talking philosophy". horses for courses.

    sorry i'm just fucked up and talking philosophy.
  19. I've never had the pleasure of someone repeatedly talking about how fucked up they were. Most of the times my group of friends talks about damn near everything else though. Went from the stars, to aliens, to cancer, to grandma's farm... We're weird kids. :hello:
  20. Yea that gets annoying. Its ok being fucked up or whatever, but smoking mass amounts of weed to get fucked up is just pointless. I have a few friends that at a point in time a little while back they were lightweights, and they would smoke these retarded amounts of bud when all it really did is make them really really tired haha

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