Am I The Only One Who Cant Do This While Im High?

Discussion in 'General' started by StuckInMyMindd, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I can't fucking close a zip lock baggy, for some reason or another my brain will not give me the ability to close a zip lock bag. I can eventually get it after a bunch of frustrating attempts. Anybody else struggle with this sometimes or am I just a dumb ass haha. :smoke:

  2. Wow dude
    I'd say practice more while sober ;)
  3. That's a new one to me, I'm afraid, but the good news is that if it interferes with your daily life, you may be entitled to protection under the Americans With Dank Disabilities Act, through which you may be provided a trained bag-closing monkey assistance.
    You should contact an attorney to file a claim. 
  4. man i could barely move when stoned lol love it. 
  5. Me too, man. I get the ones with the little slider or the double zippers. They're easier.
  6. you're avi is creepy btw.
  7. I sometimes have the same problem the key is to start from one end and end at the other.
  8. I think I'm gonna practice a little more. I'll get it eventually. :devious: I think I might invest in those slide ones also though.
  9. Yeah then you can say fuck practice and hack life by just using the simpler model of zip lock baggies.
  10. Exactly. I wish I could just turn off the smell of weed whenever I liked. shiiiit cops are here SMELL OFFF. and pooof. smells gone. and aint nobody got time for any zip lock bags.
  11. Get a pill bottle or a nug jug then you can have that power sort of and you don't have to mess with zip lock baggies.
  12. Start at the very end. Its only complicated when you try closing it from the middle :smoking:
  13. maybe this is my problem..I think haha. I don't remember which side I start from lol. :smoking:
  14. Always start from the left. :smoke:
  15. For me, I'm so used to being high, I can do anything high lol.  It's the same as sober, just higher.
  16. It's called a mason jar.
  17. I just had my first smoke yesterday (finally) and I was so uncoordinated. I didn't try to close a zip lock bag but I wouldn't have been surprised if I couldn't. I already have motor difficulties when I'm sober and marijuana just made them 100 times worse.
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    I don't have the same issues OP, but I feel your struggle. ICGreen Said Left to Right, I agree, helps close em up pretty well, but on another note, I mean bags are intense man. They can kill small children, kill animals when they come in contact in the wild, clog up pipes and get hung up in nets and on lines, I guess it makes sense, they are likely pisssed since we use em once and toss em out, we could be a target for bag attacks in the future....

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