am I the only one who can

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. get a joint brought to there door for 3 dollars? :hello:
  2. By a dealer or friend; or both for that matter?.. maybe back home but not at college. that's really convenient for sure. do they seriously roll something then drive to your place and drop it off? do they smoke it with you?
  3. naw its not rolled its in a bag but its a joints worth (2 grams) of some good mids

    and its a dealer/friend the best kind of friends to have :)

    he drove 5 miles to bring it

    and no if he wants to blaze we smoke out of his bag :D
  4. people pay me to smoke their joints, then have their girlfriends give me a bj

    i win:hello:
  5. Kinda... I call my friend for $10 and get 5-6grams of ok mids for joints/blunts.

    Or at this time of the year $25/eighter of beasters.
  6. Well, I get shit for free... i have magic parts.

  7. Haha... Hey, how come you're not on aim? :( No one interesting to talk to.

    Dealers would deliver to me, wherever I was. It was pretty sweet.
  8. I is now.

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