Am I the only one that notices?

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  1. When a female says advice it's usually in a female's perspective, but if a male gives it advice, it's in a general perspective. Anyone else notices? I believe there's science behind it. When humans are forming in the womb, we all start as females, then eventually form into males or stay females. Think about it.
  2. i havent noticed that to be honest. i mean of course they give advice based on their experiences, as do men. but the women i know dont advise everyone as if their women. 
  3. The thing is, I'm sure all females think the same about us...
    I feel what you mean sometimes but it's pretty fucked up to stereotype that largely my friend
  4. Just noticed it to be honest. Had to share it somewhere because it was borthering a little. And I spend too much time over analyzing everything. Tends to piss people off but can't help it if its noticeable.
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    Well advice is always a matter of perspective and a woman is going to have a different perspective than a man. We can never truly hope to understand each other in the way that we understand those of our own gender. I think they are just as capable of forming a piece of advice in 'general perspective', if that wasn't true women would not be doctors or soldiers and so on. 
  6. Give you the lowdown man, everyone gives advice from their perspective. People will claim to be giving advice from  a side but they really only speak for themselves. I know I sure as fuck do. If I'm ever telling you something, take it with a grain of salt, as I'm pretty jaded and have experienced some fucked up social shit. If other's give you advice, again take it with a grain of salt, because they've seen some shit too.
  7. Accepting advice is hard some people. I know my opinions can come off as ignorant and obnoxious at times. But its easy for me to take advice instead of fighting it off.

    I know a lot of people only listen to the same gender, but it tends to be more females doing that. Experienced it myself, women refusing to listen to me cause I'm a guy. I don't see males refusing to talk to a female for relationship advice. Especially because the other gender will always know more about their own gender.
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    You think it's from a general perspective because you're noticing it from a guy's perspective. Chicks look at a guy's advice and think, "wtf is he babbling about?"
  9. could also depend on the persons ability to see outside of their own paradigm
  10. I try to look at it from both perspectives, trying to best suit equality. Not hardcore misogynist or feminism values.

    But I do agree with that second part.
  11. Which a lot of people lack.
  12. I hope most people try to avoid those extremes. :p
  13. Can only hope, ha.

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