Am I the only one that loves to roll?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by 210grow, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. [​IMG] it seems like I'm the only one that takes there time to enjoy this medicine by rolling a big fat joint or a backwood. let me some of yalls handy work this is a 2 gram cone I just rolled

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  2. No I consider it an art but I get less practice than my early days now that I have bongs and stuff. Sweet Coner tho :smoking:
  3. You're on a weed forum, about the largest one.
    Think about it...
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  4. My special snowflake
  5. we need to have a roll off G-funk
  6. I'll win Iron eyes

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  7. Aye you can roll a good joint! Put up a picture of a backwoods, I always roll up backwoods
  8. 210 as in San Antonio?
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    jg.jpg xwc8ur7i8mkq.jpg
    got a new rolling product kicked down for the ole IRON-EYES approval stamp
    product called a canna wrap touts itself to be 100 percent natural and tobacco free
    (tho other than the product name it claims nowhere on the packageing to be canna based)
    rolling one now ill post pix and post smoke eval as well as a link to get em if i think they're worth
    blunt.jpg so post rolling it is canna based (at least if smell and taste means shit)
    so smoked it
    tastes great
    but they dont stay shut well but whatever cool product
  10. Yea 210 as in San Antonio

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  11. That's all I use to smoke was the back woods but my lungs couldn't handle the harshness anymore so I switched to papers if I find a single wood I'll roll it up and post a pic

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  12. Paper jay any day over a blunt. I enjoy smoking blunts when other people roll them and supply them, but I'm a bong man mostly myself.

    People keep asking me
    Do you like bongs or blunts?
    I tell 'em, I like blunts because
    I get pulled over all the time; I can't be throwing bongs out the window
  13. how often do you get pulled over? Lmfao I had 2 nice bongs that I had to keep in my truck so that taught me to be careful..but my brother broke both of them so now I just smoke papers

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  14. It always seems that someone else breaks all my glass too. I should just stay away from everyone but when they inevitably have to pay for it, I can get new glass...and I love getting new glass.

    It was an old Afroman song. When I was in high school I got really into his like whole discography, not just the radio a matter of fact. i'll play it now and find the one that line is in. i've only pulled only twice...second time led me down the worst path of my entire life and changed everything...but THAT's for a whooooooole other story. i stay home and stay to myself and my vegetable gardens

  15. "Smoke A Blunt" by Afroman

    The perfect song to smoke a blunt to.
  16. Im about 80 miles west on 90. Love getting high in the city and cruising 1604 with my friends
  17. [​IMG]
    Bring rizzla ready, don't get me started, this is what packing light and without a grinder & stash looks like. Little bit of paranoia much..

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  18. Ok bet! Yeah, that tobacco harshness just adds a little boost to my high and I love it
  19. That is an epic joint. I really wish I could roll joints well... My boyfriend can roll one perfectly, but that's why I stick with dabs or bongs. It's an art that requires a lot of time and effort put into it, and I just don't have that time lol.
  20. You shouldnt even be smoking ganja if you cant take a few days to learn how to roll a doobie

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