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Am I the only one here who likes resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Permafried, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. I've seen quite alot of threads on how to clean a piece and I was wondering, am I the only one here who likes resin? I mean I like the look of a resinated piece, and the smell too. I let my pieces accumulate resin to the point where I can no longer toke 'em. Then I clean. But I clean my pieces with knives, paper clips, and any flexible piece of metal to get as much resin as possible. After I clean them as best I can, I'm left with a fat ball of resin. Smoke it in the newly cleaned piece, and I'm fucked. Resin is a lifesaver on a dry day.
  2. Damn you are a one grimey dude :p
  3. that stuff is gross, and the high isnt even that good. I do it in a last resort tho.
  4. I wouldn't say I like resin like you like resin. Yeah, I'll use resin in times of dryness, but the smoking experience has a taste I don't particularly love.
  5. i like scraping my bowl every couple of days and let the resin build up till i have a good ball of it and layer it in a good bowl...gets you fucked, masks the taste, and you always have a clean piece!!! you can't loose
  6. resin is nasty just think what it is.I have a friend that loves resin and he is always yelling at me because i clean my pieces all the time. One time i let them get resingnated just for him he was so happy. I think there is people who love it then people who it grosses out
  7. i'm with you. i only clean my pieces when they are un-smokeable and then i smoke the resin! it's something different and you get ripped!
  8. I can't stand the taste, but a friend of mine loves the stuff. But that's probably b/c he never buys... he provides the bong, we provide the filling.

    I hate the taste of resin, and have never gotten over that enough to investigate further.
  9. the taste is fucken nasty idk it makes me gag almost lol jk but really its nasty the high is ok tho
  10. I do the same thing, I get my pipes all gooey with resin and scrape them. I put the resin in a tin can and let it sit around until all my dank is all gone. Then if my hook ups are dry Ill smoke resin. I never through it away, it gets me high. Doesnt taste the best but it does the trick.
  11. Yes. This is me as well. I don't hate resin by any means. I do however like to keep my pieces clean. If I know I'm going to have to stretch my sack out I will smoke my resin. I think the biggest reason I don't do it more often than this is that it can be a chore to prepare. :smoke:
  12. I Love Resin.

    I always scrape my pipe and bongs with a paperclip and put it on to tin-foil, then roll it into a loose ball and put it in my bowl and cook it, I GET SO RIPPED from resin..

    The taste isnt the greatest but, it works.:smoke:
  13. I'm not advocating the use of resin but...back in the day when I didn't have any smoke or any money to buy smoke I used the resin in my pipes and bongs. It does get you rather blasted but the type of high you get depends on what you were smoking before you ran out or before you decide to smoke the accumulation. One major point however, don't waste your time and energy scraping a pipe or bong. Remember that THC is alcohol soluble. Use (isopropyl alcohol - not less than 99%) to clean pipes, bowls, and stems of their resin gently using a q-tip. Occasionally immerse your smaller pieces and q-tip in the solution to free up that old resin (save all of the liquid except the water). With a bong, empty the water out and let it dry. Fill half of the main chamber with isopropyl alcohol cover all the holes and shake it vigorously for thirty to sixty seconds, then empty it into a soup bowl or similar container (glass pie plates work great) and let it dry. To speed up the evaporation process put a fan over the bowl and let it gently blow for a few hours. After the alcohol has evaporated you'll be left with a gooey substance sort of like hash, scrape it out with a razor blade, load a bowl placing a screen in first, and get obliterated. Can't help with the taste though, but if you're desperate to get high because you're outta weed who gives a fuck about the taste?

    <O:p</O:pStay green!<O:p</O:p
  14. Well, as amatter of fact, I love resin too. But for me, I keep one of my spoons clean at all times, this one is used for smoking dank. The other one I never clean, this on e is for regs, mids, or resin.
  15. I don't like resin at all man. Sure it gets you high, but that shit is nasty.
  16. Man, i hear you.

    Rep + for Resin!!!
  17. Heres my view.
    Resin smells and tastes kinda gross. But it is great to use as a Hashish.

    I clean out all my freinds pipes, bongs, and so forth and keep the resin clump accumulated in a small container. After i buy a 1/2 of some good stuff every once in a while i take some resin rool it long and thin to the length of the blunt put it on and then put the bud on top and roll that shit, light that shit, SMOKE THAT SHIT!! wow i get obliterated
  18. if its got thc its good enough for me
  19. i dont mind resin but its only a last resort thing
  20. Only on dry nights would i ever smoke resin.

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