Am i the only one from isreal?... that sucks

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by selec_tiv, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. well, what can i say
    A rapper, from israel
    first time grower :) (the things u do for inspiration)

    tech n9ne and herbs = |crown|.

    The site is pretty sweet man.. nice indeed
    don't have a lot of time to be here (army an shit)
    but i'm a fast learner so

    feel free to give tips and such
  2. Cool man, welcome to the city!

    There's unlimited knowledge here man, good luck!
  3. didn't expect that ha?.. tzzz

    10x buddy buddy

    israel - reprezent
  4. shabbat shalom and toke on!
  5. Peace and love to Israel.
  6. My dad's Israeli. Cool.

    Isn't Israeli weed really weak, but inexpensive?
  7. true.. true..

    What the fuck u think i'm doing here man?
    i've orderd 2 satori seeds, and i have like 3 monthes to grow em
    in a fuckin shelter..
    shady business plan

    fuck it
    if i can't go to amsterdam?
    amsterdan will come to me

    by the way, thnks for the bless bro
    but i'm way past optimism..
  8. Haha, i'm in israel for the year right now but i can't smoke much because they are allowed to give random drug tests, so during sukkot, winter, and spring break are really my only chances....

    But i do ge to go to Amsterdam in the end of June!!!

  9. so let me get this straight....

    your in israel..

    and they got you listening to tech n9ne???

    wow i feel sorry for you bro. but trust me, the juggalo bullshit isn't worth it...

    listen to some atmosphere or hieroglyphics, some underground indie shit, the real shit....
  10. wtf.. u 4real?
    so if i'm in israel i cant hear tech without beeing called influenced??
    stop talking shit bro

    in my opinion, tech is one of the craziest and gratest rappers alive
    i never heard any one like him..
    deep lyrics, amazing flow+voice and singing.. killing beats

    he's my biggest insperation as a writer
    and i'm he's biggest fan here

    i find so much of my self in his art man..
    and no, i'm not talking about all that juggalo bullshit

    u got some recommendations?
    talk to me

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