am i the only blade thinkin about the military?

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  1. so ive had a recruiter talking to me for about 2 weeks. and hes pretty much got me sold. ive always wanted to join the marines my whole life. but ive always been afraid, i mean look up some bootcamp videos. but if i can get over that, it's like the best accomplishment i could give myself. they'll pay for school and a guaranteed paycheck every 15, and at least 3 promotions. so what do you guys think? anyone else thinkiin bout joinin?

    i cant be the ONLY blade to be thinking about it....can i?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. Prepare for a shitstorm of "hurf durf u r prt of teh probzlam 4 jointing (LOL C WUT I DID THAR!?!?!11) da miltariez."
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    nvm i got it lol
  4. Nope. I thought about the Marines. I only wanted the training. The survival and combat skills they teach are unmatched. I just didnt think I was mentally stable enough for it. I didnt want to be Pvt Pyle off Full metal jacket.

    We've had a few blades that posted that they joined and were going to boot camp. You arent the only one.
  5. Im joining. but recruiters are just salesmen for the army, get any deals they make with you in writing.
  6. No..never ever. I'd rather live on the streets, sorry!
  7. well hes just talkin bout the G.I bills and what not and how much the pay is and how its good for my schooling(if i dont die) and like mushroomsatsuji said the experience and everything from bootcamp is unmatched, i looked at the army and everything and its nothing compared to the marines. so if i join why not go all out
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  9. PLEASE do not assume the marines are any more "badass" than the army. Airbourne and rangers are on par with marine and marine recon and delta force surpasses marines force recon.

    ^^but standard infantry is fail aha^^
  10. I would do it if I wasn't in college. Its a pretty solid option if you go the non combat route. You can take tests and get into electric or mechanical schools and you get a nice signing bonus (like $20,000 I think). So once you get out you will either go to school or have finished it and have $20,000 in the bank to start your life. Pretty good deal.
  11. yeah thats how i am. except im not in school yet. and i didnt mean like as a whole i meant like bootcamp wise and everything. i was watching the videos they all have on there websites and honestly the army bootcamp looks like a kid could do it.
  12. i've been thinking about joining the air force. kind of a family tradition.

  13. take ranger school for your advanced.
  14. Special Forces in each branch are the exception. Since they get extra training, its not fair to compare branches. You have to look at the groups separately.

    He probably isnt going to go for special forces so this argument is invalid.

  15. airbourne and rangers are technically not classified as special forces. green berets are.
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    Fuck yeah.

    Air Force was my second option because I really fucking want to fly one of those, but they only take the best people to be pilots
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    I have a friend who is a Navy medic; he failed his SEAL exam by like 3 seconds...

    He is now sitting on his ass in the sand in Afghanistan; he's already been over there for 5 months. He says the boredom is killing him--all he does is work out, watch tv, and write e-mails. The closest he's gotten to action was aiming his rifle far down-range at an uncleared target.

    He gets to go to Hawaii on leave, and he makes a ton of money which he never spends.

    But that six months at a time in the desert must be hell. There isn't shit to do.
  18. yeah dude its 1400/month STARTING OUT as soon as you get to bootcamp you start to get paid and by the time you graduate you can already be at E3 as a lance corporal and be making around 15-1600
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    as apart of my court order was ordered to attend 2 years worth of military training at a college base about 10 hours away... i've already completed 1 year and that alone is enough for me to determine i don't want to be anywhere near anything military related. i've dealt with marines fresh out of boot camp and i've dealt with numerous army officers and so on. about 99% of them are extremely stupid and violence orientated people.

    the 'leadership' skills the armed forces surround themselves in is practically a joke, anyone with a bit of intelligence can climb the ranks and make themselves useful. as for your question, it just depends on what type of person you are. i know that i can easily get through bootcamp, it's honestly not that big of a deal. i'd just rather get a white collar job and smoke bud all day.
  20. If you wanna me a pawn go for's a good road to take if you have no idea what you wanna do with your life...just join the work hard, train...and then it won't matter what you wanna do with your life, because the military will make the decison for you.

    My dad has been in the army for 25yrs...he's a CW5, and from a little kid he stressed to me...that if he could go back he would NOT join the military. He also let me know that America is less into protecting (not many fuck with us) and more into getting into other country's buisness and stirring up shit storms..because we believe everything should be done our way.

    Seriously, I swear America are the dumb jocks of the world. Pump all our money in to the military when are medical prowess has gone down the toilet (mexican babies have a better survival rate that we do) OUr education is shit (statistically speaking we are dumb asses in comparison to other countries)....and our economy is fucked.

    But chances are we can kick your that's gotta make us cool right. Seriously, people here are so fucked up that they actually bitch about us wanted to give free health care to

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