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Am I the first? Non weed smoker getting mmc so I can go natural and stop the prescription meds. Complete NEWBIE in need of advice

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Loola, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Due to a plethora of medical problems that have worsened significantly over time while taking prescriptions medications that have done nothing to help alleviate the conditions, my Dr. and I discussed the Medical Marijuana option and I have decided without a doubt to give it a go. My paperwork has been signed, and I am currently trying to learn EVERYTHING I can about what strains would best benefit me.

    I'm a 44 year old female with chronic lower back pain (too much physical, heavy lifting for years) and also suffer a myriad of problems due to a traumatic brain injury in 2007. It was caused by a severely violent assault to my face and head. Shattered, broken bones, concussion, brain trauma-all which has left me this CHRONIC INSOMNIA, (i do not sleep for a period of 3 to 7 days AT ALL) PTSD, anxiety, depression, constant worry and fear, always jumpy and edgy (fight or flight response) short term memory loss and ADD. I also have nerve damage on the right side of my head that causes brutally painful attacks that put me down for 3 days with a cluster type migraine headache.
    I have been taking adderall, prozac, clonopin, propronyolol (spelling? its for people who suffer from stage fright) and percocet for the back pain for the past 7 years. 
    During that time I have tried every prescription and over the counter sleep aid, tried herbal remedies, yoga, meditation, exercise...and nothing, absolutely nothing helps me get sleep. When I do finally crash after a 3 to 7 day zombiefest I just get 15 to 20 minutes of jerking awake sleep for a couple of hours.

    After doing some research I am hopeful that if I can get on the right "blend" or balance of both the Sativa and the Indica (a.m. and p.m.) this will eliminate the need for all of the pills that don't work.

    I def need to lose the anxiety and tension, I have adrenaline coursing through my veins much of the time and it is extremely exhausting. I want to be able to chill out without being comatose and stuck to the couch all day with zero energy. I don't like that stoned out of my mind feeling at all. (smoked in high school a lil bit, didn't care for the effects so I stopped.)

    I am also low energy and unfocused/unmotivated so without the pick-me-up zing of the adderall in the morning I literally am unable to get out of bed. I will lay in bed all day, awake bc of the insomnia, with no drive to be productive. Reading about the Sativa blew my mind! I thought weed was weed was weed. I had no idea there were 2 main types that had completely different effects on people.

    This is where I ask for your advice. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are plenty of things I left out..most importantly that I am horrible at dry smoking week. I cough until I'm bent over and my chest is rattling in pain. very uncool. So i'm thinking vape? edibles? bong?

    help! please :)
  2. Edibles for the CBD and a vape for THC that should take care of your ailments as for specific strains, I dunno, high CBD for pain and insomnia for sure

  3. Great to see more people like you turning to medical Cannabis as an alternative. While it's not quite the panacea that some people make it out to be, when used in conjunction with some of the other medications you are taking, it will no doubt ease your suffering considerably. ESPECIALLY when it comes to your insomnia (which I suspect may have to do with the benzodiazepine's you are taking).
    While it's true that Sativas and Indicas generally have two distinct effects, keep in mind they both 'give the good stuff'. They both act as an anti-inflammatory, as well as help reduce excitation of pain receptors (especially those found is muscle tissue).
    As far as finding out whats right for you, that's a journey you are going to have to take yourself. There are thousands of strains out there, so try not to get too hung up on the names. In the end they really don't mean much. Try out as many as you can, and keep the ones you like, chuck the rest (not literally of course!).
    No matter how you choose to imbibe cannabis, always remember to start out small. Very small. Newbies can, and have, been turned off of medical cannabis by taking more than they can handle, my mother being one of them. Set up a baseline dosage, and work your way up from there. That way you reduce the chances of 'greening out,' and biting off more than you can chew. While being incredibly non-reactive (note; not COMPLETELY non reactive) and safe, it can still pack quite a punch.
    Anyways, while I'm sure I haven't told you anything you haven't heard before, I wish you luck. I'm glad you have a doctor that didn't completely shut you down for even bringing up cannabis as an alternative. It's a rarity, unfortunately.
  4. Thank you both so much for your input, ironically my parents, sister, and cousin have always smoked the ganja and been productive after taking a few hits. Me, I did it in high school, got the munchies, would eat a whole pizza and crash for hours. I've tried it about 3 times since then and just didn't like how it made me feel. Everything goes into slo motion mode and I would get that "dude, I'm baked" high.
    Of course I have no idea what I was smoking. It's enlightening to know that there are so many options, and through moderation and experimentaition I can get this working to my benefit. I've always been a supporter of legalizing weed. I just never knew I would be one to take this journey! Ha!
    Any input on purple kush? From what I've read as far as reviews it sounds like something that would work for me during the day...
  5. Another question, I'll be going to the dispensery as I am not even going to attempt growing my own. I heard the cannibus is quite expensive, does anyone know if they have a sliding "fee" based on income? Also, are their any specific edibles you would recommend? I heard good things about Cheebah chews
    purple kush is awesome!  it boils down to two kinds of cannabis really- one makes you sleep and the other makes you active ( indica= sleep and sativa= active). you can get hybrids that work with both of those affects at once too. vaporizing during the day regardless of the strain will usually give the active affects and edibles,tinctures or smoking at night will help with sleep. so for best results get a sativa and vaporize that during the day and get and indica for night time use.
    another suggestion, for starting out you may benefit most from high CBD strains that do not have a raciness effect but more of a calming effect. once you are comfortable with the cbd effect then switch to a higher THC strain with more uplifting results where you get the CBD and the THC, they are both very important medicines and work synergistic with one another as is found all over the world with how the cannabis grows naturally .
  7. Straight off the bat, I would absolutely recommend the Cheeba Chew THC with CBD chew for your insomnia. You can start with the Pure CBD chew, instead, if you want to go slowly, which I totally second, but it might not give you enough relaxation. It will do long term amazing things for all the neurological trauma you have suffered, so it's a good option to have around for the day time. 
    I don't care for their sativa, indica and hybrid options. And if smoking a little gave you the munchies, then I worry that you eating it might be even more overwhelming. 
    This is another reason to have the PURE CBD chews on hand! If you are overwhelmed by eating or smoking THC, eating or smoking CBD can help ease that discomfort. 
    If you want to vape or smoke, also go CBD! It will cut anxiety, reduce overeating and may still provide both uplifting and relaxing effects, depending on the strain. To determine the effects of particular strains, you really want to have an informed employee help you through, and make sure there are test results to see!
  8. This is great! Hopefully mmj can help you! 
    I would try heavy indicas and high CBD strains 
    as to edibles, bud, or concentrates, drinks, tinctures, etc. I would try each one and choose which one worked best for you
    When you enter the clinic I would ask any of the budtenders what their best stuff is, and tell them your medical status, ask for high CBD and heavy indicas that can knock you out. Im sure they will pick their best things at their clinic and even go to different clinics around if its an option. I would also use vaporizing as a way to medicate it all give a lot more medicating effect you could say. As for edibles I would ask for how many mg of THC or CBD it contains, and you usually want to ingest around 20-60 mg of THC depending in your tolerance, sometimes more sometimes less, its mostly experimenting, I would try different things and new things and see which works best for you, Im sure the bud tenders at your local clinic will have more knowledge and will be of the best help most likely, anyways, I wish you a good luck and happy medicating!
  9. Thank you all for your input, this has been quite an interesting turn of events in a positive way for me. Waiting on my card and looking forward to getting this rolling (hehe, no pun intended)
  10. Yes if you are having all of those symptoms then go with the edibles. You'd prevent a lot if you do and wish you luck on your problems because I know its hard to go through all of that. You know, when I was reading your post I immediately thought of another alternative. Like maybe go and do some creative drifting, be inspired by something because when you start that I think anything and everything else will not stand a chance if you do. Its just something I thought of, maybe it will help.
  11. Sorry about your condition!

    Please don't forget to update us after you get your card nd pick yer first strains and how they helped.

    Sent from a Pineapple under the Sea.

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